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News Flash 1403

19th June 2014

Distribution Spain by Agfa Iberia

Agfa Graphics and Grafityp Selfadhesive Products came to an agreement to transfer all sales activities in Spain to Agfa.

It was agreed already more than a year ago that Agfa Iberia would add the Grafiprint product range to their sales programme. Now they took the strategic decision to start selling the complete product range of Grafityp España.

With this decision the Grafityp group is making an end to all direct sales to end users in Spain. Agfa Graphics on the other hand herewith takes the decision to start offering cutting films and wrap films as well.

As most of the former Grafityp España staff members have started to work with Agfa Iberia, our well-esteemed customers will be visited by the sames sales people and on the phone they will talk to the same office people. Grafityp are very pleased to be able to close this agreement with such a big and strong partner. Grafityp trust that the customers are in capable hands and wish to thank their customers for their confidence.

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