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News Flash 1409

18th September 2014

Laser cutting

We would like to inform you of an important breakthrough in laser cutting self adhesive films and the commercial possibilities.

As you may know, lasers are now an essential tool in the industry for cutting, marking, engraving and welding a vast range of materials. Metals are the most commonly worked substrates, but organic materials such as PLASTICS and SELF ADHESIVE films are catching up rapidly.

In virtually all PVC laser cutting operations fumes are given off in some form, as the laser thermally decomposes (burns off) the substrate to a greater or lesser degree. This fume is a mixture of particulate and gaseous matter.

These fumes can have an important effect. There are three main areas of consideration associated with the fumes: 1. Health issues - the effects it may have on the workforce coming into contact with it
2. Laser efficiency - the effects on the laser and optics
3. Product contamination - the effects on the products being lasered

Laser cutting PVC films

When PVC is burned during the lasering process, extremely corrosive, acidic Hydrogen Chloride (or HCL) is produced. It is imperative that these fumes are removed quickly and efficiently for the safety of the operator and to protect the laser and surrounding equipment.

Protecting Personnel
HCL is classed as a major health hazard, and as a result has a maximum exposure level of 1 ppm (part per million) over an 8 hour period (from HSE EH40/2000 Occupational Exposure Limits).

After a long study and extensive testing, GRAFITYP SELFADHESIVE PRODUCTS are proud to announce that we have come up with a solution to solve the issues connected with harmful fumes produced by laser cutting self adhesive PVC films.

Laser cutting GEF

We have found that laser cutting Grafityp Ecological Films (GEF) is completely free from the problematic fumes and hazards mentioned above.

By using Grafityp Ecological Films (completely PVC-free PO films) no acidic fumes are able to migrate onto the laser lens housing and associated components. It will not cause irreversible corrosive damage as is the case with standard PVC films.

This results in a safer work environment for personnel, as well as in a stable laser efficiency and a longer life span of the laser.


NEW business opportunities and intricate design possibilities in a completely safe environment ! Safe for you, your staff AND your machines !

Contact us at export@grafityp.com for more detailed information on the GEF product range and its unique possibilities.

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