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News Flash 1411b

27th October 2014

Winner GrafiWrap Design Competition

Grafityp Selfadhesive Products organize their international GrafiWrap Design Competition every year, in order to promote the GrafiWrap brand. A jury, consisting of members of Grafityp, Belgian Audi Club and WRT, each select a winning design.

This year Grafityp had 121 registrations to the GrafiWrap Design Competition, coming from Belgium (32), France (21), Portugal (18), Germany (13), UK (8), Italy (5), Canada (3), Russia (3), USA (3), Ukraine (2), The Netherlands (2), Algeria (2), Spain (2), Slovenia (2), Switzerland (1), Sweden (1), Poland (1), Austria (1), Malta (1) and Mauritius (1).

These are the top 5 results:
  • 1. Philippe Gilais (France) - 102 points
  • 2. Wouter Vanderhoydonk (Belgium) - 70 points
  • 3. José Antonio Soares (Portugal) - 63 points
  • 4. David L'Hertitier (France) - 52 points
  • 5. José Antonio Soares (Portugal) (second design) - 39 points

  • The winning design

    The winning design was then printed on Grafiprint S38P and laminated with matt LAMX45. The design was wrapped on the real race car in the Grafityp training facilities.

    The winner of the contest, Philippe Gilais, received a VIP invitation for four persons to join us during the 24 Hours of Zolder. Philippe Gilais: "I really enjoyed taking part is this contest. It is an incredible feeling to see your own creation on the start grid. We had a phantastic weekend! The more as we saw the car take the pole position and end up on the podium. I will most certainly take part again next year".

    Grafityp CEO Herman Bosman with Philippe Gilais

      Wrapped at the Grafityp Training Centre

    The wrapped Audi R8 catches everyone's attention during the race

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