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News Flash 1412

4th November 2014

Grafiprint Laminate LAMS55

In addition to the glossy Grafiprint Special Formula laminate LAMS50, Grafityp are now also offering the matt variant LAMS55 !

Grafityp customers discovered the Grafiprint Special Formula print media (S52P, S53P, S54P and S56P) for the first time a couple of years ago. Laminated with the glossy Grafiprint Special Formula laminate LAMS50, these print media soon turned out to be a high quality and at the same time affordable solution for mid-term print applications.

Today Grafityp are adding a matt variant of the Grafiprint Special Formula laminate to their product range. With a life span of 4 to 5 years (under Central-European conditions), this laminate (standard available in the widths 1020mm, 1370mm and 1525mm and in a roll length of 50m) is perfect for protecting all your prints on an even or slightly undulating surface.

A wall with prints on S56P, laminated with LAMS55

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