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News Flash 1607

4th October 2016

Free digital GrafiWrap AMD patterns

How will my design with the GrafiWrap AMD films look exactly ? A question that the wrapper, but certainly the end customer is asking quite regularly. With the GrafiWrap patterns the customer can now finally see the exact colours in the design. Furthermore each carbon film, brushed, leather look, etc... can be implemented in the design.

Grafityp are now also offering all GrafiWrap AMD films in the form of digital colour samples (patterns). The very user-friendly tool allows every Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop user to visualize all GrafiWrap films in his design. Once the AI version has been downloaded, it can be applied in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop again and again.

All patterns (10 volumes) and the user manual can be downloaded for free via the DOCUMENTATION section of our website www.grafiwrap.com.

Photo 1, the blanc design           Photo 2, the design filled with the GrafiWrap patterns

Photo 3, the end result

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