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News Flash 1701

12th January 2017

New product logos

At the start of the new year, we at Grafityp have taken the opportunity to change some of our product logos.

The Grafitack, Graficast and Grafiprint logos are traditionally made on the basis of the iconic painter's pallet and have been much appreciated over the years, by our distributors as well as by our end users, who associated the pallet with the Grafityp product ranges.

As Grafityp is always evolving and innovating, we decided it was time to modernize the logos, preserving the names of the various product ranges, but at the same time harmonizing them, while modernizing other elements of the logos in the three main product groups to reflect Grafityp's contemporary look.

These changes will be visible on all marketing communications, from booth design, websites, social media, brochures to other marketing materials.

The new logos will have the following look :

The Graficast logo will disappear, because "cast" products are present in all products groups.

The new logos are available from marketing@grafityp.com.

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