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News Flash 1705

1st March 2017

!!!   NEW   !!!
Grafiprint COMFORT film AE38C

Grafityp are very pleased to introduce a NEW, REVOLUTIONARY cast print film : GRAFIPRINT AE38C.

"AE" in the product name stands for AIR ESCAPE, and "C" for "COMFORT" ! Grafityp are without any doubt taking a giant step forward with this Grafiprint comfort film, and vehicle wrapping will become a lot faster and easier. We are happy to map out the film's characteristics for you :

Just like our Grafiprint AE38P, the new Grafiprint comfort film AE38C comes with an adhesive layer with air channels, allowing quick and bubble-free application.

TIME-SAVING - Pleasant, quick and easy as a result of improved slideability
The Grafiprint comfort film AE38C has a much lower initial tack. This means that the film doesn't immediately stick to the surface, so it can easily be slided over the surface and/or repositioned. The adhesive strength is obtained only after the film is firmly pressed onto the surface, which makes working with this film extremely comfortable. That is why we deliberately added the word COMFORT to the film's name !

The film can be removed with ease, without leaving behind any residues of glue on the surface.

Of course the excellent print quality, as we know it for the other Grafiprint print media, will be maintained with this new film version.

For more information about the new Grafiprint film AE38C, please check our website www.grafityp.com, or contact our export department (export@grafityp.com).

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