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News Flash 1707

12th June 2017


A couple of Grafityp staff members performed a real stunt with the new Grafiprint AE38C Comfort print film. During a pitstop of WRT, the most successful team in GT racing, the car did not only get extra fuel and tyres. In just 55 seconds the Audi R8LMS also got a large part of the bonnet rewrapped.

How this was done ? Just check the movie on youtube !

Records are broken with Grafiprint AE38C print film thanks to its specific characteristics :

  - flexible cast print film in combination with Grafiprint LAMX30 (cast laminate)
  - fast and bubble-free wrapping thanks to the air escape system
  - very good slideability, allowing easy positioning of the film
  - easy repositioning thanks to the low initial tack
  - nice and smooth film with an excellent print quality
  - clean removal

So, a print film that can be applied comfortably by the wrapper.

Grafiprint AE38C is available off the shelf as from now.

For more information, please consult our website www.grafityp.com, or contact our export department (export@grafityp.com).

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