About Grafityp

At Grafityp, we develop and manufacture self adhesive vinyls. Colour films, print films for large format colour printing, laminates and wrapping films. For every possible application that you can think of. From temporary to permanent solutions. In short: everything you need to make a brand stick.

We want the same as you: offer the best possible solution for your customer’s specific request. Whether it is for a trade show booth or for window advertising, for sign making in a building or for fleet marking.

That is why our own R&D department is always striving to improve our existing products. And why we are always trying to respond to new demands from the market. For more than 50 years we have constantly been searching for new possibilities to make films and adhesives match to perfection, so we can offer the perfect product combination for a certain application.

This product combination aims for the highest possible quality for your customer. And for the ease of application and technical aspects, which are so important for you as a processor of our products.

In this way we develop and manufacture products that meet your expectations and those of your customers.

More than 70 years of craftmanship


It all starts in Amsterdam
Herman Bosman starts h/o stanserij Holland in postwar Amsterdam. In 1961 the name of the company is changed into NV Bosman Letters.


The rest of the Netherlands follows
NV Bosman Letters is rapidly growing. The premises in Amsterdam become too small. Followed by the opening of shops in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht.


Gain a foothold in Belgium
Herman Bosman buys a part of the former buildings of the coal mines in Houthalen and founds the company Grafityp Lettersystems.


World first with the CSR
After an intense period of research and development, we introduce the CSR. The first cutting plotter in the world that is steered by a computer.


Own brands and winning prizes
In 1986 we start the production of our own brand of PVC films. This brand is named Grafitack. In the same year we win the Ambiorix prize. The pinnacle by VKW Limburg, awarded to the most dynamic company.


Growth thanks to CSR
The success story of the CSR cutting plotter continues. We grow exponentially.


CSR 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…
We invest in new developments for the CSR. Newer and faster models are following in quick succession.


New buildings
We invest in new office buildings and warehouses. Ready for further growth.


Offices in England and Spain
We start R&D for our own special production method for high quality cast films. We also open two foreign subsidiaries in Tamworth (UK) and Barcelona (Spain).


ISO-9001 and Graficast
Grafityp achieves the ISO-9001 quality label for the first time. We also launch Graficast.


Environmental labels
We focus on ecological products and production methods. These efforts were awarded with two environmental labels.


Investing in R&D
The R&D department moves to a new laboratory with the most modern equipment.


Own non-PVC films
We start the development of a series of revolutionary GEF non-PVC films. These films are completely manufactured in-house with our new cast extrusion unit.


Opening Training Centre
We open the doors of our own Training Centre. Here we share our knowledge with our customers and teach them everything about our products and the best ways how to apply them.


New range of wrapping films
Nieuw in our product range: a completely new series for wrapping and personalizing vehicles and interior decoration.


Innovation Award
We receive the Innovation Award for the development and production of our PVC-free products.


We celebrate our 50th anniversary
We started production in Belgium in 1970. Added to our 20 years in the Netherlands, we boast 70 years of experience in sign making.

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