Whether it is with his own car, with a fleet of company cars or with a race car on the race track: your customer wants to catch the attention. We develop and manufacture a wide range of possible finishes. So your customer finds exactly what he is looking for.

But as a wrapper you know that a good end result is much more than just selecting the right print. Car wrapping is a speciality. It requires real craftsmanship. That is why we pay so much attention to the processing possibilities of our wrapping films. So you can work with top quality material, which can be applied with ease. On any vehicle and any surface.

automotive car wrapping
  • Complete range: the best solution for every application.
  • A-brand: we engineer and manufacture the highest quality.
  • Easy mounting: so you can work quickly and efficiently.
  • Support: trainings for processing and mounting.
  • Within reach: short lines with distributors and customers.