Sign making

We want the same as you: the best possible solution that meets your customer’s request.

That is why we are offering you a wide range of self adhesive films. Films in solid colours as well as films that are suited for high quality printing. In this way we give you the answer to each possible sign making question of your customer: towards price, quality and application.

But as a manufacturer we know that a good product is not always enough for a perfect end result. Your craftsmanship plays an important role as well. That is why we are developing our products in such a way that they can be processed quickly and easily. And that is also why we want to assist you directly by giving you detailed advice.  We have our own Training Centre, where we share all our material knowledge with you.

  • Complete range: the best solution for every application.
  • A-brand: we engineer and manufacture the highest quality.
  • Easy mounting: so you can work quickly and efficiently.
  • Support: trainings for processing and mounting.
  • Within reach: short lines with distributors and customers.

Products that stick