9 December 2020

A sustainable policy is a priority for Grafityp!

09.12.2020 – The environment is of utmost importance to Grafityp.

Sustainability plan

Since the start of the company, GRAFITYP has always attached great importance to the Environment. But in 2020 a major sustainability plan was drawn up, based on the guidelines of the UNITED NATIONS, details of which you can read on our website: https://www.grafityp.com/sustainability/

GRAFITYP thus belongs to the circle of 1% of companies in Belgium that have drawn up such an extremely detailed plan. All further applications and developments are therefore taken into account, based on our 3 pillars: PEOPLE – PLANET – PROFIT. As a result, the following adjustments were recently made:

  • We only use unbleached cardboard boxes with an FSC label.
  • We place recycled protective end caps in the boxes, on which the rolls rest.
  • A completely new skylight with LED lighting was installed in the production halls. As a result, our employees have less stress and the working atmosphere is optimal!

Many plans are still in the pipeline for 2021, but we will certainly keep you informed about this next year…

GRAFITYP we care about the world!