3 January 2023

One year of Omega-Skinz celebrated with new car wrap trainings

31.12.2022 - Omega-Skinz is celebrating its birthday! The unique launch event of the car wrap films has been over a year ago. In the meantime, a lot has happened. The range of colours was expanded and the Omega-Skinz Printables were launched. The latest novelty? Specialised car wrap trainings to turn wrappers into true professionals.

OS Wrap trainingen

Grafityp has been offering wrap training with our own films for years, under the watchful eye of our in-house Wrap Specialist Rudi. So now Omega-Skinz comes with a specialised training course. We are proud to be able to organise these training courses at our training centre as well.

New car wrap trainings

Omega-Skinz is launching no less than three unique training courses to become ‘the best of the best’. The trainings are categorised into three different levels: Rookie, Admiral and Overlord. We are happy to explain them a little more in detail:

Rookie – wrapping for beginners

A one-day training where you will learn the basics of wrapping with Omega-Skinz. We start with a theoretical workshop where we teach wrappers material knowledge and the different film types. Then it is time for the application of films with and without air channels, high-adhesion films and wrapping large areas. At the end of the day, the wrapper will receive a certificate.




Admiral – wrapping for experienced professionals

A two-day training course for wrappers who already have some experience on their record. During the theoretical workshop, we will cover preparation, recognising and preventing problems and post-processing. Among other things, we will cover mounting on mirrors, convex and concave shapes, cutting on car paint and the most difficult shapes using the SVA technique. At the end of the day, the wrapper will receive a certificate.


Overlord – become the best of the best

This three-day training course is designed to take the wrapper’s extensive prior knowledge to an even higher level. Become the best of the best. In theory, we focus mainly on recognising and preventing problems. Then the wrapper is presented with 50 difficult questions. Can he/she answer them correctly? Then he/she understands the profession inside out. On day two, it is time for the installation. We cover wrapping on mirrors, concave and convex shapes, stretching and deforming, stressless and the most difficult shapes using the SVA technique, among others. On the third day, you will have an exam. Afterwards, he goes home with a certificate of participation. If the wrapper passes, he receives a certificate and may call himself Overlord, plus a licence with 100% guarantee.

Branded tools

Besides new car wrap training, Omega-Skinz is also launching a lot of new wrapping tools.

The new Omega Surface Cleaner is designed to remove road dirt, tree resin, grease, etc. from car paint before wrapping.
Then there is Omega Degreaser. Oil fumes and grease cause poor adhesion at the edges, so these need serious removal.

The Flaming Slicer is the ultimate wrap squeegee. Its special shape ensures perfect film application without bubbles or traces of glue. The Teflon Squeegees are perfect for both car wrapping and ppf installations.

Check out all tools!

OS Wrap trainingen

Omega-Skinz is one year old!

In early October 2021, Omega-Skinz was grandly launched at Grafityp in the presence of Europe’s best-known car wrappers. The sixty brand new (uni) colours were presented during a live show. Omega-Skinz is more than a brand for car wrap films, it is a lifestyle brand. So that includes merchandise such as caps, T-shirts, mirror hangers and displays.


Take a look back at the launch event.

Launch platform

The design department of SOTT International (SOTT Colourbrain), who are also responsible for the technical, design and marketing part of Omega-Skinz, built a unique film studio at Grafityp for the product photography. All new Omega-Skinz products and colours are presented on this futuristic launch pad. All photo and film shoots are also recorded here.

Lanceringsplatform Omega-Skinz

Omega-Skinz Printables

In April, Omega-Skinz came up with something new at the FESPA trade fair: the Omega-Skinz Printables. Three personalised car wraps to print on along with four laminates to finish and protect the vehicle.

So the car wrap trainings and branded tools are the latest additions to the Omega-Skinz range. We are already curious to see what the brand will have in store this year.