22 October 2020

Ecological branding and advertising: PVC-free film for full-colour prints, sign making and car wrapping.

22.10.2020 - Does your company still use PVC films in branding and advertising applications? Learn more about our Grafityp Ecological films: an ecological and very versatile film. Read all about it in our blog!


Are you committed to sustainability as a company? Are you doing everything you can to reduce your ecological footprint? Then from now on this is also possible with all your branding and advertising applications that involve self adhesive films. Meet our GEF-films.

The signage in and around your buildings. Sign making in your shop or on your exhibition stand. The stickers on your company cars, glass, walls… Self adhesive films are needed for all these applications. But most of these films contain PVC and are therefore not environmentally friendly.

We are launching an alternative with our GEF-films. GEF stands for Grafityp Ecological films. The advantages in a glance:

• Our films are PVC-free.
• They are recyclable.
• No chlorine gas is released during combustion.
• Our films don’t hold any plasticizers. And are therefore free of phthalates.

Same quality, better for the environment

Any application, possible with the classic, less durable films, is also possible with our GEF-films. With the same quality and therefore the same good result. Our solution for companies that want to take the next step in their sustainability story.

Want to know more about GEF? Download our product brochure. And inform your signmaker, printing company, car wrapper… that an environmentally friendly alternative is now available.

You want to be sure that he is using ecological films for your assignments? Please state it explicitly in your quote request.