24 April 2020

Environment-friendly branding and advertising with Grafityp films

24.04.2020 - Do you want to propose an ecological alternative to PVC films to your customers? Grafityp Ecological Films (GEF) are suited for the same applications, indoors as well as outdoors, but don't hold any chlorine or plasticizers.

100% green - 100% quality

Our PVC-free GEF look the same, feel the same and can be applied in the same way as PVC films, yet their composition is completely different.

We are offering PVC-free films for every application:


  • signmaking films in matt and glossy, for all indoor and outdoor advertising on even surfaces, with a lifespan up to 5 years
  • polyolefine print films for all indoor and short-term outdoor applications, for solvent and UV printers
  • thermoplastic polyurethane print films for comfort car wrapping
  • matt and glossy polyolefine laminates for protecting monomeric, polymeric or PVC-free print media
  • thermoplastic polyurethane laminates for protecting PU print films.


More information on our PVC-free films can be found in our brand new brochure and GEF colour card. Ask for your copy via marketing@grafityp.com.