16 February 2023

Featured product: Gold River Flow

16.02.2023 - Looking for a stylish eye-catcher? Then the decorative GrafiWrap AMD film D05x41, a Gold River Flow, is what you are looking for. This film is flexible and has air escape technology.

A compilation of the River Flow Gold film from Grafityp, with a woman showing her phone case in this wrapping film.

Gold River Flow

This gold-coloured GrafiWrap film is suitable for all smooth substrates and for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility and good deformability, GrafiWrap film can also be used in 3D applications.

Indoor applications can include interior decoration and other creative purposes.

A stand wrapped with a river flow golden film, displaying glasses on top of it.


The GrafiWrap AMD film D05x41 is a structured, multi-layered cast PVC film with a decorative effect. The film has a thickness of 160 µm and comes with a permanent solvent-based adhesive with air escape technology.

The advantages of this technology?

  • Faster and easier film application as you can rub away the bubbles.
  • Bubbles no longer need to be punctured.

Life span

When used outdoors, the film has a life span of up to 5 years. For indoor use, the life span is significantly higher, as the film is much less exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

The advantages at a glance

  • Extremely flexible – suitable for difficult applications
  • Highly decorative – a stylish eye-catcher
  • Air escape technology
A roll of a film with a River Flow Golden color, from Grafityp.


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