27 April 2023

Featured product: GrafiGuard Piano Black

28.04.2023 - Searching for a film to wrap the roof of your car, making the roof look like it's panoramic? Grafityps Featured Product: GrafiGuard Piano Black GGSHBG15 film is just what you are looking for.


What is it, the GrafiGuard Piano Black?

GrafiGuard Piano Black film GGSHBG15 is a black thermoplastic polyurethane film with a brilliant mirror shine. The film has a thickness of 150 µm and comes with a permanent solvent-based adhesive.

An easy-to-apply, long-lasting film

Wet application

Just like all other paint protection films, GrafiGuard GGSHBG15 is applied wet.



The film has a lifespan of up to 8 years.


Protect your vehicle from scratches and UV rays

The ultra-glossy GrafiGuard Piano Black not only creates a great look, it also protects the vehicle from scratches, stone chips, dirt and UV rays. Moreover, the film comes with an additional SELF HEALING top layer, which automatically makes scratches and polishing rings disappear again through heat.

Additional protective layer

To protect the gloss of the polyurethane film, it is covered with an additional protective film, which must be removed before or after mounting, depending on the application. If the film is to be stretched, the additional protective layer should be removed before mounting, as it does not stretch with the film – if the film is to be stretched little or not at all, the additional protective layer can be left in place until after mounting, in order to provide additional protection during mounting.

The advantages at a glance

The Featured product: GrafiGuard Piano Black has multiple advantages:

  • PVC-free – sustainable
  • Extremely decorative – a stylish eyecatcher
  • Magnificent gloss
  • Perfect protection of the paint finish

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