23 June 2021

Grafityp AMD Display for distributors and car wrappers

The ideal tool to use during open days or trade fair.

AMD Display

AMD Display

The range of our car wrap and interior films consists of more than 200 colours! It is high time to show this to the market.

Together with the Belgian display maker (3 MOTION), a practical totem was designed as part of our sustainability policy. The display itself is very light and is made of recyclable honeycomb cardboard. In addition, a distributor or car wrapper can pull out the colours to compare them.

All 200 colours are included in the box, but the user can decide for himself which 81 colours he wants to display. This way the user can change the colours regularly! Thanks to its light weight, the box is the ideal tool to use during open days or trade fair. A well thought out idea, for the user and the environment!

Would you like this fantastic eye catcher in your showroom? Please contact us at sales@grafityp.com and we will be happy to discuss the conditions with you!

AMD Display