24 March 2021

Grafityp floorprint films for carpets and structured floors

Meet our new Grafityp Floorprint High Tack.

Floorprint High Tack

Floorprint High Tack

Grafityp has been offering the ideal FLOORPRINT products for use on smooth floors for quite some time now. Today Grafityp is presenting a new Grafiprint floorprint film, which makes it possible to apply advertising messages also on structured floors and even on low-pile carpets: GRAFIPRINT FLOORPRHT.

Grafityp Floorprint High Tack is a monomeric calendered white print film with high tack adhesive. The 230 micron thick 2-in-1 film is intended for indoor use up to 6 months and does not require a laminate. The film has a special anti-slip coating (R10). After use, the film can be removed again, without leaving adhesive residues on the surface.