27 January 2020

Grafityp has a new look

27.01.2020 - Grafityp turns 50 this year. In that period the family business became a developer and supplier of all possible self adhesive products. For its jubilee Grafityp unpacks its new website, corporate identity and CEO.

What started in 1970 as Grafityp Lettersystems in the old “Locoremise” in Houthalen, Belgium, has grown into a company with a production space of over 40,000 m². HR-manager Patricia Bosman, third generation and daughter of former-CEO Herman explains:”throughout the years we have expanded our product range and services. For example we built our own cast productionline to make flexible foils for decorating vehicles and our own extrusion line to make unique non-pvc foils.”

“With the common thread to improve our customer service. We distribute our products via wholesalers, but in the end it is the processor that uses our products. It is our mission to offer them the best possible material.”

“That is why we chose to open our own training centre in 2010: in that way we can best share our knowledge with our customers  and teach them everything there is to know about our products and their applications.”

“But after 50 years our look and feel did not cover our expertise anymore. That is why we chose for a facelift. A new corporate identity and website should stress our message. We want to stand even closer to the processors of our products: we want to make you stick with us.”

“And that is how we hope to put Grafityp on the stage as an innovator in our business. So we are ready to perform another 50 years.”