23 September 2020

Grafityp has the solution for all your wall decorations

23.09.2020 – Decoration directly on the wall? Discover the Grafityp products with which you can achieve this.

A wide range

With the smooth printable films (M113HT / NM116HT / M150HT) and the structured print films (P230HT / P231HT / P232HT) you can apply your most beautiful creations onto any smooth surface without any worries. Temporary stickers (up to 1 m²) that you want to remove again are best applied with M150R, while structured walls and bricks are best covered with S838HT.

You don’t really master the application of films on walls yet, then definitely register for the application training: https://www.grafityp.com/training-centre.

Grafityp, you name it – we have it.