3 March 2021

Grafityp launches APP

03.03.2021 – With the Grafityp APP you can immediately find the right product for your application.

Grafityp app


Dear Grafityp customer,

Once again we succeed in having a scoop – we are the first manufacturer of self adhesive products to launch an application APP. This APP will help you in your search, to find the right product for a certain application in just a couple of steps.

This exceptional work tool also puts our other showpiece in the spotlight: “our pioneering role as a SUSTAINABLE company”, allowing you to find immediately all our pvc-free products.

As proud members of the GRAFITYP family, we would like to ask you to install this APP on your SMARTPHONE. You can do this easily from GOOGLE PLAY (search for “grafityp.app”) or the APP STORE.

GRAFITYP – a hAPPy company!