20 January 2021

Grafityp polymeric sign making films with air escape technology

20.01.2021 – For some time now, Grafityp has been offering a number of colours from the Grafitack 200-300 series also with air escape technology.

Easier and faster application

The polymeric calendered Grafitack 200-300 series is mainly used for long-term applications on even or slightly curved surfaces. There was a demand from the market to offer this series with air escape technology, in order to be able to work even faster and easier.

We were happy to meet this request. We currently offer the following product references with air escape technology:

–          1210AE (white)

–          1273AE (sunflower yellow)

–          1330AE (orange red)

–          1331AE (signal red)

–          1332AE (tomato red)

–          1224AE (medium green)

–          1262AE (royal blue)

–          1221AE (black)

For more information about the Grafitack 200-300 series, please refer to our website: https://www.grafityp.com/product/200-300-series/

Grafityp, we listen to your needs!