25 January 2023

Grafityp targets French market

25.01.2023 - With more than 50 years of experience, the Belgian family-owned company, Grafityp, develops and produces self-adhesive films for all applications in the visual sector and Omega-Skinz carwrap films. Although Grafityp operates globally, a promising partnership was established with the French company KSM in January.

visual of a couch in a living room, with a plant and flower, the wall is wrapped with Grafityp film


Grafityp values the concept of ‘sustainability’. Since 2005, it has pioneered the use of sustainable production methods and PVC-free films. Currently, the Belgian family-run company has a very extensive range of PVC-free films, that is lettering films, print media and laminates.

Global market player

Grafityp operates worldwide and exports its products to more than 60 countries. “Although we export worldwide, France is a very important market for our products,” says Patrick Nijs, CEO of Grafityp. In 2023, Grafityp will therefore immerse itself even more in the visual sector in France.


Cooperation with KSM

“To understand the French market properly, we needed a partner who knows the visual communication market well and who has already built a solid network,” says Patrick Nijs. This is why Grafityp entered into a partnership with KSM.

Logo KSM in blue letters

KSM is the link between manufacturing companies and French distributors with a real local sales service. KSM is a partner for industries looking for innovative solutions. They are surrounded by specialists using the latest technologies to offer you quality products “Made in Europe”.

This cooperation is also a logical step for Patrick Mennecier, Commercial Director of KSM: “We attach great importance to the quality of our working relationships. Grafityp immediately appealed to us because of the common values we share.  Indeed, since KSM was founded in 2005, we have been working closely with family businesses with the values that go with them.”

Wide product range

KSM aims to make its expertise accessible in the distribution of Grafityp products, specifically for:

  • PVC-free films with an unprecedented range of sign-making films, print media and laminates;
  • car wrapping products;
  • digital print media and cutting films.