25 November 2020

Grafityp Training center in the picture

25.11.2020 - The Grafityp training center has undergone a metamorphosis.

training centre

New look

The GRAFITYP TRAINING CENTER has been operational since 2009. Johan and Rudi have since welcomed hundreds of students. Each of the visitors came with their own expectations of taking the courses. We received a great diversity of students: sign makers, car wrappers, window tinters, schools, even race teams, pilots or garages. Each time to learn a little more about the use of our films.

Unfortunately, in 2020 we could not run our training center optimally because of Covid 19, but for 2021, we will be ready again with full courage from January to go ahead again with our 4 courses:

  • Car wrapping (2 days)
  • Paint protection films (1 day)
  • Wall decoration, floor & window films (1 day)
  • Basic course (for starters) (1 day)

For more info: https://www.grafityp.com/training-centre/

In the meantime, our training center has also received a major makeover as part of our re-branding. A number of walls were covered with an “old factory look”. It also immediately shows how far you can go with our films.

Furthermore, Grafityp will also remain visually visible on the cars of the WRT team that takes part in well-known races around the world such as: 24 hours of Francorchamps and Le Mans. The Audi R8 vehicles are fully wrapped with GRAFITYP films.

The sky is the limit: in the meantime even fighter jets and planes were taken care of by Rudi and Johan. No assignment is impossible for our team!

Finally, we will continue to come up with innovative and fresh ideas in 2021, and new products and formulas are already in the pipeline for testing. In short, we are ready and expect you in our REBRANDED TRAINING CENTER!

Rudi and Johan