14 November 2023

Grafityp-user in the spotlight: Hoffmann Druck

14 11.2023 - Looking for a German provider of screen printing, advertising technology, illuminated advertising, large format printing and more? Then Hoffmann Druck is the right place to be. CEO Sebastian Hoppe takes care of the day-to-day management of the family business. He talks about the advantages of Grafityp films and shares his enthusiasm for Air Escape Technology.

From screen printer to total supplier

Hoffmann Druck was founded 55 years ago by Mr Heinz Hoffmann. Originally, it was a classic screen-printing company. In 1998, Sebastian’s father Matthias took over the business. “My father had his own textile printing business and was also a professional ice hockey player, and Heinz Hoffmann was on the board of his club. He offered him Hoffmann Druck when he quit. Textile and screen printing are not the same but similar and that’s why dad merged them.” That was the start of the Hoffmann/Hoppe family business.

The 2000s saw a switch from screen printing to digital printing. Therefore, the range expanded to include advertising technology, signage and illuminated advertising.


Grafityp gebruiker Hoffmann Druck

Large customer base

The German company has a large customer base. Ranging from private individuals, to SMEs and even multinationals. The 19 employees work hard day in day out to bring all projects to a successful conclusion. Sebastian: “We serve every customer. We can offer a suitable solution for every budget.” Because of its strategic location, Hoffmann Druck is active all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“Because we are so strategically located, Hoffmann Druck operates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.” – Sebastian Hoppe, CEO Hoffmann Druck.

Switching quickly

Sebastian has been with Hoffmann Druck since 2008 and he has been Managing Director/Partner since 2016. His duties include company management, paying employees and giving project advice on site at the customer’s premises.

What a day on the shop floor as CEO looks like? Varied and busy. “In the morning, we review the tasks for the coming day. What jobs are planned? Production Manager Keven passes this on to the employees, he distributes the orders and I get to work on the new quotations,” says Sebastian. Of course, customer contact is also an important part of daily operations. “We have to react quickly and move mountains to meet customer demand. So a lot of phone calls are also part of it. “

Hoffmann is currently working on a major illuminated advertising project. “We are in the planning and production phase of an order with 86 linear metres of illuminated advertising. Something like this has to be planned down to the smallest detail, otherwise it won’t match the new building.”

Grafityp gebruiker Hoffmann Druck

Flat applications with Grafityp

At Hoffmann Druck, they have been working with Grafityp-films for two and a half years now. The switch to Grafityp came during the Corona pandemic. Sebastian: “We noticed that film prices had risen excessively. We therefore started looking for other available products. Welle contacted us with their new portfolio and since then we have been using Grafityp films for lettering and flat applications.”

Short delivery times

The company produces mainly on demand. Fast delivery times are therefore a must: “Of course, good suppliers are important for our network. Because we produce to order, we need products on demand. Grafityp can always supply us with the necessary quantities through its intermediaries, namely Welle.”

Grafityp-user Hoffmann Druck

Good price-quality ratio

The biggest advantage to Grafityp products according to Sebastian? The value for money. “We are very satisfied with the products in terms of price and performance. They are qualitative and which we use and have a very interesting price advantage,” says Sebastian.

“We are very satisfied with the value for money and performance of Grafityp films. – Sebastian Hoppe, CEO Hoffmann Druck.

At Hoffmann Druck, you will find a substantial stock of Grafityp films. They recently finalised another beautiful wall decoration project with the Grafityp Wall deco films. “We offer all Grafityp films, depending on customer demand. Our favorites are the P26 and the corresponding P20 or P21 (transparent laminates),” says Sebastian.

Fan of Air Escape Technology

Colleagues at Hoffmann praise the Air Escape Technology of many Grafityp films: “That makes it so much easier to get rid of air bubbles. We also supply small customers who are going to sticker their car or wall themselves. They are naturally very grateful if there is an air bubble somewhere that they can smoothly squeeze out themselves.”

Grafityp gebruiker Hoffmann Druck

“Air Escape Technology makes getting rid of air bubbles so much easier. Truly a great added value.” – Sebastian Hoppe, CEO Hoffmann Druck

Trends: positive development

The printing industry continues to develop at lightning speed. To keep abreast, Hoppe skims various trade fairs every year. The company has also experienced a nice development. Sebastian: “We have expanded considerably in the field of lighting and illuminated advertising in recent years. Screen printing is also still in high demand.”

Developments in the print industry are very positive. Great to be active in such a dynamic sector– Sebastian Hoppe, CEO Hoffmann Druck

Discover the work of Hoffman Druck realised with Grafityp products.