12 October 2023

Grafityp-user in the spotlight: Doe. Reclame

12.10.2023 - Who uses our Grafityp films and for what applications? We put signmaker Doe. Reclame in the spotlight. Owner Daniël Duindam talks about the company and their sustainable vision that led them to GEF films.

Daniël Duindam Doe. Reclame x Grafityp

Doe. Reclame is a one-stop-shop for everything related to signage and branding. Their base of operations is in Hillegom (southern Netherlands). The signage possibilities are numerous. Just think of wall stickers, facade advertising, illuminated advertising or car wrapping. Moreover, customers can also go there for corporate clothing. Daniëls co-shareholder and commercial director Daan Hotton takes care of the clothing branch.

Brand recognition from A to Z

Daniël: “We are a true all-rounder and that is exactly the philosophy of our company. It is convenient for our customers that everything is with the same decision-maker, they have only one point of contact. We also do everything in-house: from design to installation.

That way, we can extend the look and feel of the brand from A to Z. Think of the colours and look of the façade advertising, the company vehicles, and the company clothing. It forms one whole. If you can offer the whole package, how great that is?”

Daniël Duindam Doe. Reclame

“With Doe. Reclame we offer brand recognition that goes from A to Z. How great that is if you can offer the whole package?” – Daniël Duindam, Owner Doe. Reclame

Big names in the portfolio

They are many names that come knocking on Doe. Reclame’s door. Organisations such as, sports chain Happy Bodies, chain of tapas restaurants La Cuba Nita, FeadShip’s luxury yachts and Hertz Car Rental are in their portfolio.

“Doe. Reclame serves national and international customers, but we are Dutch-oriented. Occasionally, we will also place advertising or stickers on the border areas, if they have branches or offices there.”

Sustainable vision

In 2020 Doe. Reclame switched to film’s distributor Nautasign, distributor of Grafityp films. Daniël: “Our customers are looking for more sustainable products. That is why we added the Grafityp Ecological Films (GEF) to our range, they fit perfectly into our sustainable vision.”

More and more customers are turning to PVC-free films including furniture chain IKEA. “To undertake such a project, you have to be green. It is a must.”, says Daniël. “But it is not yet a sprint to move to the GEF films. It remains a matter of getting used to it.”

pvc-vrije producten van Grafityp gebruikt door Doe. Reclame

In addition to the self-adhesive films, corporate clothing is also going green. “Our clothing transfers are 100% green. 99% of the material consists of water. That water is constantly recycled,” says Daniël.

Stick with Grafityp

Why Doe. Reclame resolutely goes for Grafityp films? Proximity and easy lines of communication. “The great thing about Grafityp is that they are so close. It is a European company, which manufactures its own products. If you look at the competition, they are often unwieldy companies where you do not get answers if you have complaints. At Grafityp they are always there for their customers. Moreover, we can buy Grafityp films directly through Nautasign and we are constantly kept up to date. That’s what I really look for in a partnership.”

“The great thing about Grafityp is that they are so close. We can buy directly through Nautasign and are kept well informed. That’s what I really look for in a partnership.”

Fan of AE38C.

The GEF films are not the only films in the range, AE38C is a real favorite with installers. “AE38C is a stable film with excellent value for money. Our installers love working with it. The film is easy to apply, has reasonable movability and always adheres well – which is often not the case with other brands. It simply works as it should!” said Daniël.

Wrapping busje AE38C Grafityp

“Our installers get really happy with AE38C. It is easy to apply and reasonably easily repositionable.”

Eureka moments

“The best part of the job is the client’s Eureka moments when they get to see the final result. One of our clients is La Cuba Nita. The restaurants were restyled and stickered by us. When it was finished, the customer was super happy. That in turn makes me enthusiastic. You really see how films change the spaces. It is a very positive job.”

“Customers’ Eureka moments when they see the end result are what excite me.”

Discover the latest projects of Doe. Reclames with the Grafityp films.