19 January 2024

Grafityp-user in the spotlight: Shannon Print & Sign

19.01.2024 - Shannon Print & Sign specialise in large format printing. Clients can go there for the full package from design to production and installation. The company has been working with Grafityp films since the 1990s. "It’s especially the price-quality and the guarantees Grafityp offer that appeals to us," says managing director Dimitri Van Duffel. Discover all about the partnership with Grafityp.

Photo of Dimitri Van Duffel CEO of Shannon Sign & Print

From printer vendor to printing company

Shannon Print & Sign was founded in the 1980s. Managing director Dimitri Van Duffel was taught the tricks of the trade by his father. “I actually studied marketing and started as a salesman of large-format printers. But I noticed that many small and medium-sized companies did not need that. The demand was mainly for people who could produce the prints. I listened to that.” Dimitri started at Shannon in ’94 and invested in large format printing a year later. “This allowed us to respond to market demand,” Dimitri says.


CEO Dimitri Van Duffel Shannon Print & Sign

Sticking with Grafityp since ’90

Dimitri and his team have been working with Grafityp films since the 1990s. Dimitri: “We still had a period when we could collect our rolls directly from the factory in Houthalen. As Grafityp continued to grow, they started working with distributors. We have been working for decades with Igepa, who continue to supply us with Grafityp films. “The full print range, certain cutting films and PVC-free films can be found at Shannon. “In recent years, the range has expanded enormously to include various adhesives, which makes for a lot of possibilities.” The print company is also a fan of Air Escape Technology, which makes application much smoother. “In the beginning, we thought it was something for novice, inexperienced installers. But many professional fitters also ask about it, it just goes much faster,” says Dimitri.

“In recent years, the Grafityp range has been extended enormously with various types of adhesive coatings, which offers a lot of options.” – Dimitri Van Duffel

Family business at heart

That Shannon is a true family business is proven by the arrival of his brother and associate Alexander. “Alex joined Shannon ten years ago, he is involved in coordinating the projects.” He explains how that family atmosphere translates to the shop floor, with horizontal structuring and loyal employees. Dimitri: “We are above all a small company with a transparent, horizontal structure. The eight people we employ stay. They are not job hoppers, and they really enjoy doing their work.



“We are a small company with a transparent structure. The people we employ really enjoy working here.” – Dimitri Van Duffel, managing director Shannon Print & Sign

Dimitri & brother Alexander Van Duffel of Shannon Print & Sign

Affordable guarantee

“The Grafityp range is an affordable high-quality option,” Dimitri said. They also consider it important to work with a European manufacturer. Dimitri: “We want guarantees that if something should go wrong, then a solution will be provided. This is the only way we can deliver long-term quality to our customers. At Grafityp, this is certainly the case.”


Grafityp films Shannon Print & Sign

“Grafityp offers affordable high-quality films with the guarantee that if something goes wrong, a solution will be found. That offers security for us and our clients.” – Dimitri Van Duffel

PVC-free on the rise

PVC-free films are also offered in the range. “Especially local administrations and governments want PVC-free. For the city of Leuven, we recently won a framework contract under which several projects will be completed with PVC-free films.”


“Local authorities and city councils are increasingly asking for PVC-free films. We are happy to be able to offer these through Grafityp.”– Dimitri Van Duffel

PVC-free films by Shannon Print & Sign

New technologies and total package

The world of print and sign solutions is constantly changing. Dimitri regularly invests in the latest technologies. Most recently, they bought a new laser machine and a panel flattening machine. “We keep our finger on the pulse by visiting trade fairs and continuing to invest,” he says. In addition, Dimitri sees another shift in the printing landscape. “Customers like to have one fixed address where they can get the full picture. We used to supply resellers; they would then build the complete picture. For the past ten years we have been offering the total package. From design to production and installation. Successfully, as a result of which we have grown enormously in recent years.

“Customers are looking for one fixed address for the total package from design to installation. We offer that at Shannon.” – Dimitri Van Duffel

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