1 February 2023

Grafityp user in the spotlight: Totch – “Making the customer unique with the right films”

26.01.2023 - Who uses our films and for which applications? This month in the spotlight: Totch, signmaker and graphic design agency from Overpelt. Managing directors Karolien Vandervelden and Kurt Vanendert talk about their company, the passion for the trade and the added value of Grafityp films.

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When you visit Totch, you don’t know where to look first. The striking lamps, cosy reception bar and the funky wallpaper are real eye-catchers. Karolien: “We like to see and make beautiful things. For our clients but also for our own company.

It’s a work in progress. The next steps? Extra focus on our own realisations throughout the building, window lettering throughout the seasons and our new website.”

“We like to see and make beautiful things for our customers.”

Signmaking as core business

Totch is a graphic design agency with an enthusiastic six-member team. “Our core business is signmaking but over the years our services have expanded. We do everything from logo design, printing, packaging, window lettering and wall decoration to full corporate identity, interior concepts and car wrappings. We are especially at home in customisation.”

Films close to home

The signmaking and wrapping of projects is done with Grafityp films, among others. Totch works with distributor Igepa for this, Kurt has been a fan for some time: “I got to know Grafityp films in other companies. I have always had good experiences with them. Grafityp is a Belgian manufacturer, which fits well within our vision. We prefer to work with Belgian suppliers.”

Grafityp warranty for the customer

The main advantages of Grafityp films? “The film quality always remains the same. With other manufacturers, the quality sometimes varies from roll to roll. It is great to be able to give our customers this guarantee.”

 “Grafityp’s film quality is always the same. Nice to be able to give that guarantee to customers.”

Stand out

“Our goal? To make the client unique. You can come up with a cool style, but it should also fit the client and the person behind the company. We therefore always work to measure. The project has to stand out.

“Our client base is hugely varied. We work for local, national and even international companies. One of our strengths? Catering establishments. We then do everything from the logo, printing, illuminated signs to the price signs and polymeric films on the panels.”

“We want to give our client a unique profile. The person behind the company should really stand out.”

From murals to design agency

What began on a small scale in 2002 as KV Atelier grew into a graphic design firm with six employees by 2022. “We started with murals at friends and family’s houses, just for fun. After a while, those friends also asked about stickers and lettering. We bought a plotter to make templates. This is how the customer base expanded. New colleagues gradually joined and now we form a close-knit team.”

Finishing Totch

“In 2019, we moved to new, bigger premises. It was the ideal time to change our name too. We chose ‘Totch’, a more Flemish and softer version of ‘Touch’. The finishing touch and attention to detail are very important to us and we also add our own touch to our projects. “

“Totch stands for the finishing touch and our own touch that we bring to all our projects.”

Experimenting with PVC-free

At Totch, they have built up a large film stock, but PVC-free variants are not yet in it. “We do not yet work with Grafityp’s PVC-free films. Our customers are not asking for them at the moment. We do like to experiment, though, so we do not rule out adding them to the range soon.”

Own floor stickers and labels in times of crisis

The company sees opportunities in everything. “During the corona pandemic, we designed our own floor stickers. We replaced those less attractive green and red arrows with a personalised, marble look. That suited the startups, beauty salons, boutiques and flower shops in our customer base a lot more. With success, as people came from far and wide to order the floor stickers.”

“We see opportunities everywhere and dare to experiment with our films.”

Passion for the trade

“The best thing about the job? Seeing the client’s enthusiasm after the signage or project is done. It’s different in real life and often even more beautiful than on paper. That enthusiasm is contagious. The honour of the work and the satisfied customer, that’s what we do it for.”


“The customer’s enthusiasm when they see the end result is what we do it for.” 

Discover Totch’s latest realisations with Grafityp films