14 February 2022

Grafityp, your sustainable partner

2022.02.14 - At Grafityp we care for the environment and the planet. We are your sustainable partner in visual communication. These are not empty words, we live up to this promise. We drew up a sustainability policy in which the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are the starting point and compass. Grafityp makes every effort to reduce its ecological footprint. Discover here how we do this:

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Grafityp is a pioneer with its strong, all-round sustainability policy and an approach that sticks. We are always looking for new ways to make our organisation even more sustainable. It’s an ongoing process in which we continue to invest and innovate.

Sustainable partner through our products

Through our products, we contribute to a more sustainable world. For example, we have developed our own PVC-free product line: “Grafityp Ecological Films” (GEF). The PVC-free products are environmentally friendly and their production is also more sustainable.

The waste from the PVC-free films is collected by an external company and recycled for various applications such as pens, flower pots and storage containers. It is also a popular material in the car industry. You will find it in all plastic parts such as the bumper and the dashboard.

Sustainable partner for the planet

We only have one planet, so we have to take care of it. We do this in various ways at Grafityp. From our energy production to recycled packaging in the supply chain, we invest in many ecological initiatives.

Energy & mobility

Our goal for 2030? To reduce energy consumption by 40% and switch entirely to green energy. We are also tackling our CO2 emissions, with a reduction target of another 40%. We are doing this through our state-of-the-art solar panel park with no fewer than 1222 energy-efficient solar panels. By using skylights and LED lighting in the factory, we are reducing energy consumption in our production.

In terms of mobility, we are jumping on the electric bandwagon. Electric vehicles are the future, which is why we have installed efficient charging stations for electric cars. Both our employees and visitors can make use of them. Since 2020, we have only been purchasing electric company cars. Through a bicycle leasing programme, we encourage our staff to leave their cars at home altogether. It costs them almost no money to come to work by bike. We systematically replace electrical equipment with more sustainable versions.

Materials management & water

As far as waste processing is concerned, our motto is: “Recycle and reduce as much as possible”. We continuously monitor our raw material consumption and carry out online quality checks in order to make adjustments where necessary. We have an extensive, separate waste collection system that puts every stream to good use.

In addition, we take a responsible approach to water management. For example, we do not discharge factory water and we reuse rainwater in several places in our factory.

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Supply chain

We only use brown cardboard packaging that is FSC-certified and thus fully recyclable. Another item on our sustainability programme: replacing the plastic flanges on our rolls with a recycled variant. We are working hard on this internally. In order to reduce the ecological footprint of our transport, we ship simultaneously as much as possible and look for more sustainable transport options.

Our sustainability policiy is a variable policy. We continue to innovate and adjust where necessary. We work hard every day to be a sustainable partner for our customers, our employees and the planet.

Do you want to work in a more sustainable way? Grafityp is your sustainable partner! More and more companies are striving for sustainability. At Grafityp we stand behind it 100%. We want to support you in making your visual communication more sustainable.

Contact us! Then together we will discuss your sustainable visual options.