18 June 2021

Grafityp’s growth in sustainability

2021.06.18 - Sustainability is one of the key elements at Grafityp

Grafityp solar panels


For Grafityp not only the results are important, but also the way in which we achieve them. Sustainable entrepreneurship is self-evident for us, and something we try to grow in every day. We have taken the following steps in recent months towards an even more sustainable company.

Solar panel park

At the beginning of this year, we invested in the construction of our own solar panel park on our company buildings and an upgrade of the high-voltage electrical installation. In total we installed 1,222 solar panels, which together account for a capacity of 550 kWp. Their energy production corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 150 families.

This investment helps us to reduce our primary energy consumption and indirect CO2 emissions by more than 40%.

New PVC-free products

We have been manufacturing pvc-free self-adhesive films for some time, we continue to innovate in our sustainable range. Our goal is to expand our pvc-free range of materials to the extent that our customers can choose from white, grey, and transparent adhesives that are removable, permanent, or semi-permanent.

This is our current range of pvc-free products:

Sign making films

  • GEF films matt: 36 colours, semi-permanent adhesive
  • GEF films glossy: 35 colours, permanent adhesive

Print media

  • GEF ES: white matt, semi-permanent adhesive. For solvent printers
  • GEF LX: white matt, semi-permanent adhesive. For latex printers
  • GEF UV: white matt, semi-permanent adhesive. For UV printers
  • PU50C: white glossy, thermoplastic polyurethane print film. Specially developed for car wrapping with the Comfort air escape adhesive with slideability as a feature of application.


  • LAM121: transparent matt, permanent adhesive
  • LAM121UV: specially for protecting UV-curable inks.
  • LAM130: transparent satin, permanent adhesive
  • LAM130UV: specially for protecting UV-curable inks.
  • LAM171: transparent glossy, permanent adhesive
  • LAM171UV: specially for protecting UV-curable inks.
  • LAMPU38: transparent glossy thermoplastic polyurethane laminate, permanent adhesive. Specially for protecting prints made on the Grafiprint PU50C Comfort print film.

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