24 August 2023

Featured product: laminates for UV-prints

24.08.2023 - Grafityp offers films and laminates for many different printers and inks: think solvent, Eco-solvent, latex and UV. For the latter, UV prints, it is recommended to use specifically adapted laminates. This is why we offer a wide range of laminates for UV prints.

Why is it important to use UV laminates on UV prints?

Our UV laminates are specially developed to protect digital prints made with UV-curable inks. The composition of laminates for UV prints is different from regular laminates. For one thing, the adhesive is softer, and the adhesive layer is thicker with the result that when laminating embossed prints, you are less likely to get air inclusions and you avoid silvering with it.

How do you know which laminate to use?

Always use monomeric laminates on monomeric prints, polymeric laminates on polymeric prints and so on. The way you apply a UV laminate is the same as for regular laminates.


Diverse range

We offer a diverse range of laminates for UV prints. Discover all laminates and their technical sheets here on our website.

  • monomeric
    • M010PUV
    • M011PUV
  • special formula
    • LAMS50UV
  • polymeric
    • LAM200UV
    • LAM250UV
  • cast
    • LAMx40UV
    • LAMx45UV
  • PVC-free
    • LAM171UV
    • LAM121UV
    • LAM130UV