22 August 2023

Long-term relationships at Grafityp

16.08.2023 - At Grafityp we build long-term relationships with our customers. How do we do that? By being a committed partner and supporting them when and where necessary. Find out how we build our strong partnerships at Grafityp.

partnership at Grafityp

Family ties

Grafityp is a close-knit family business where the third generation is now at the helm. Herman Bosman Jr. and his daughters Patricia and Brigitte are the driving force behind Grafityp today. Herman was already active in the company at an early age and had no hesitation in following in his father’s footsteps. We extend this family feeling to our employees and distributors. Many Grafityp colleagues have been working at Grafityp for decades and enjoy sticking around. The distributors also belong to the Grafityp family. Patricia: “For us, the distributors and other customers are also part of the family. A close-knit family.”

Familie Bosman - Familiebedrijf

“For us, the distributors are also part of the Grafityp family.” – Patricia Bosman, Safety & Health Manager

Listening and supporting

To get a good idea of what concerns our customers, we regularly visit them. To strengthen ties and listen. Listening to their needs, to what is going on in the market and together we look at which products are needed. In this way, we keep our finger on the pulse and can respond quickly to market demand.

Long-term relationships in practice

We go for close, long-term relationships with all our partners. A good example of such a partnership is the one with South African distributor Maizey Plastics. Like Grafityp, Maizey is a family business. After more than three decades, it is fair to say that our partnership sticks well. The reason? “We can discuss anything, we listen to each other and we look for solutions together,” says Rikki Maizey.

Maizey Plastics & Grafityp true parternship

This is how we build long-term relationships.

Wondering how we build long-term relationships? This is how we do it:

Company visits

We regularly invite our distributors and dealers to our headquarters in Houthalen. Such company visits are the perfect moment to showcase innovations within our range. A tour of the factory should not be missed. This gives our partners a overview of how we produce our high quality films.

company visits

Training courses

Grafityp organises more than 50 training courses per year. This way you learn how to work with the materials optimally and achieve the best result. From wall & interior decoration to paint protection films and car wrapping. Whatever your question, our in-house wrap expert Rudi will teach you the tricks of the trade.

car wrapping tips


Every two years, we also organise an exclusive dealer meeting. These are two full days where we welcome more than 40 international dealers to Grafityp. They get an update on our latest products, a wrap demonstration by Rudi and a guided tour. All this is organised in combination with informal activities and a smashing party to conclude.


dealer meeting

We also sometimes invite our customers for an afternoon on the race track. As a regular sponsor of WRT racing team, we occasionally get to hand out VIP tickets to our dealers and distributors. Enjoying an exciting race together. That’s a great way to intensify our cooperation.

WRT racing team Grafityp

Would you also like to build a strong partnership with us? Contact us!
Together, we’ll see what we can do for you, your business, and your customers.