18 August 2022

Peter Van de Vivere about the marketing & branding of Grafityp

2022.08.19 - A few years ago Grafityp underwent a real rebranding. Our goal? To increase brand awareness with a fresh new style. Project & Business Development Manager Peter Van de Vivere coordinated the rebranding and helps implement Grafityp's marketing. Peter explains:

Peter Van de Viviere

Stand out in the technical sector

Standing out as a company in a technical sector is not easy. Whereas we used to communicate to our distributors in too technical a manner, we now try to show creativity. Peter: “We draw the card of inspiration and creativity. We want to show how you can turn an unsexy product into something beautiful and creative. We want to appeal to the imagination as much as possible, because the possibilities of our products are almost endless. Showing them makes much more impression on the end user than the product itself.”


“We are playing the card of inspiration and creativity for our communication. That speaks much more to the end user.” – Peter Van de Vivere (Project & Business Development Manager)

We also stand out with our PVC-free foils, films and laminates. They do not contain any plasticizers or chlorine, they are 100% green and 100% quality. Peter: “When we first came onto the market with them, there was still very little demand for environmentally friendly products. But that trend has now changed.”

Increase brand awareness

Peter: “We are trying to make a name for ourselves through marketing and communication on the one hand, and the expertise in our training centre on the other. There, end users learn how to apply our films perfectly.” The end users of Grafityp films are not our direct customers. But it’s important that they know about us and ask the distributors about our products. In the Benelux Grafityp is well known, but outside the Benelux this is often not the case.

All departments within Grafityp work closely together and marketing is no different. Peter: “Feeling at home in the market is essential and you have to dare to step outside your box. Anticipating market trends, listening to what our target audience expects, improving and innovating, showing the outside world what we are capable of. This is only possible if departments such as R&D, production, sales and marketing are on the same wavelength and cooperate intensively.”


“Connecting with the market is essential; you have to dare to step outside the box.” – Peter Van de Vivere (Project & Business Development Manager)

More than marketing

The rebranding of a few years ago is more than just a marketing story. It is part of the wind of innovation that blows through Grafityp. Peter: “We want to innovate, grow and internationalise. And to do so with respect for our interpersonal approach and high level of commitment. Our rebranding supports that story and makes it known to the outside world.”

Future perspective

Grafityp has been in the business for over 50 years. We are a steadfast family business that has been doing what it does best for years. Peter: “The biggest challenge for me is to convey to the outside world that, despite our steadfastness, we are a company full of people with new ideas and innovative products. Good perception is necessary to get our story across correctly to current customers and to convince new customers to do business with us.”

We look to the future with an open mind. Of course, we will continue to focus on market demand. Peter: “We have a very wide product range, but I never exclude that new products will be added and others will disappear. Who says we will still be doing exactly the same thing in ten years’ time? I find that very interesting. As a relatively small company, we are quite manoeuvrable, and that can only be to our advantage.”

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