6 November 2023

New cooperation since early 2023 with thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH

06.11.2023 - Early in 2023, we proudly entered into a new partnership. Our new partner, Thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH in Germany, was to distribute Grafityp products in some regions of Germany, focusing on the PVC-free range and the high-quality GrafiPrint media. A new step towards conquering the German market.

More than six months later

Today, almost a year later, we see that the cooperation is bearing fruit. The PVC-free Grafityp products and high-quality GrafiPrint media are increasingly gaining a foothold in the regions where thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH is operating. Time for a brief look at the cooperation with Business Development Manager Norbert Schwindling.

Norbert, how would you describe the cooperation between Grafityp and thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH in Germany?

Grafityp was a real opportunity for us. Our colleagues in Spain had been working very successfully with Grafityp for several years and recommended this supplier to us. I myself had also sold Grafityp material at previous employers and was already convinced of the quality and service back then. For us, it is important to buy reliable quality goods from Europe. Since Grafityp produces everything themselves and Belgium is practically around the corner, the choice was very easy for us. The cooperation is excellent and we get first-class service. What more could you ask for!?

“An excellent cooperation and first-class service, that is what we get at Grafityp!” – Norbert Schwindling, Business Development Manager thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH

Meanwhile, to what extent has awareness of Grafityp products increased in the regions where you offer them? Which regions are these?

Many customers have been committed to their media for several years. In that respect, convincing customers of other products is not easy. Nevertheless, more and more are willing to test Grafityp materials. In this way, we have already been able to convince some customers across the country of the good quality of the products. However, it is still too early to single out regions in particular.

In your experience, which Grafityp products are most in demand in the German regions?

As expected, they are the so-called “bread and butter” materials, such as monomeric and polymeric films. In the case of polymeric films, the variant with air channels is right at the forefront. Here we have an absolutely great product when it comes to the price/performance ratio, which is not inferior in quality to the competitors’ well-known products.

“The environmental awareness of customers is clearly growing. The end customer now really wants PVC-free films. We have to respond to that, of course!“ – Norbert Schwindling, Business Development Manager thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH

You pay special attention to PVC-free GEF films. How do you plan to market these products?

Sign makers have been used to working with monomeric, polymeric and cast PVC films for many years. PVC-free films are still “the great unknown” and many dare not broach the subject. On the one hand, this is understandable, but on the other hand, customers’ environmental awareness is thankfully changing. Many end customers now attach importance to more environmentally friendly products and only accept PVC-free films. Therefore, it was inevitable for us that we would have to deal with this issue at some point. We are very happy to have Grafityp, a true expert, on our side. Grafityp has been dealing with PVC-free products since 2005 and offers a wide range of different PVC-free products and also a wide range of adhesives, from ultra-removable to high tack! We are ready for the future!

PVC-free visual in a bedroom

We are very pleased that Thyssenkrupp Plastics in Germany is sticking with our Grafityp products and therefore look forward to the future with confidence.

Let’s stick together!