4 May 2023

New ICC profiles from Mutoh available

04.05.2023 - Good news: Grafityp are offering two new ICC profiles for Mutoh. You can now also download the profiles for the XpertJet 1641 SR Pro and the XpertJet 1682 SR Pro, applicable to our products. Find out all about it!

ICC profiles Mutoh

Tested and approved

Mutoh’s XpertJet Pro Series were extensively tested with our Grafityp products at the Mutoh Experience Center in Ostend, Belgium. The results are impressive!

✓ The prints achieved the highest print accuracy tested to date.
Skin tones and gradients were perfectly rendered, even at high speeds.

So it is worth getting started with the new ICC profiles on these printers.

Mutoh in a nutshell

Mutoh is a major player in printer land. The manufacturer distributes printing solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Grafityp and Mutoh have been working together in developing profiles for more than 20 years. In fact, Mutoh was one of the first printer manufacturers we cooperated with

Expanding the range

Keeping our ICC profiles up-to-date is hugely important to us. That way, we make the printing experience for our users as easy as possible. For example, earlier this year we expanded the PRO range with the profiles for the Roland TrueVIS VG3 Series.

Why ICC profiles?

No two printable films are the same. Texture, surface area and white space are important factors for printing colours consistently. Some films absorb more ink than others, some react to preprint and postprint temperatures. Because of these reactions, print results can differ.

ICC profiles ensure that your printer will always deliver the right quality on any GrafiPrint material. For Mutoh printers, our ICC profiles have been a guarantee of correct print quality for some time now.


Do you want to use our ICC profiles for the Mutoh XpertJet SR Pro? Download them for free from our Grafityp ICC profile download center. You can also find them on the Mutoh website.