15 February 2022

New PVC-free films: sustainable alternative with many advantages

2022.02.16 - Grafityp proudly launches two new PVC-free films. GEF112S and GEF116HT. GEF stands for ‘Grafityp Ecological Films’, an environmentally friendly and PVC-free alternative to PVC films for all visual communication. On the occasion of the launch of these new GEF products, we would like to highlight the advantages of GEF once again.


At Grafityp, we care about the environment, our products and our people. We are your sustainable partner in visual communication. These are not empty words, we live up to this promise. We drew up a sustainability policy in which the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are the starting point and compass. The sustainable PVC-free films fall within this policy. We produce them under the name ‘Grafityp Ecological Films’ (GEF). The GEF line is not new, we already launched it back in 2005. Over the years, the range expanded to include LATEX print films (GEF LX), GEF UV for UV inks, GEF ES, top coated for eco solvent inks and now the two films GEF112S and GEF116HT.

With the expansion of our PVC-free products, we want to offer a sustainable alternative to our current range.

Advantages of PVC-free

The PVC-free Grafityp Ecological Films have quite a lot of advantages. We are happy to list them for you:

  • PVC-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • No plasticisers
  • Chlorine-free
  • Solvent-free adhesive
  • Clean recycling: no harmful substances are released during combustion


In addition, PVC-free films have a couple of sustainable advantages during the production process:

  • Considerably reduced CO2 emissions
  • Significantly less electricity
  • Virtually no natural gas consumption

All GEF products have been tested thoroughly and certified (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001).

They are also fireproof (EN-13501).

Launch new GEF films

The sustainable GEF range is now expanding with two new films:


GEF112S is the sustainable alternative to the PVC print film M112R. It is a white glossy PVC-free film with removable adhesive.
Applications: Alle possible indoor applications and short-term outdoor applications (± 3 years).

pvc-vrije films


GEF116HT is the sustainable brother of the wall decoration film NM116HT. It is a white matt PVC-free film with grey high tack adhesive.
Applications: wall decoration indoors. You apply the film directly on:

  • plastered walls
  • painted walls
  • structured walls
  • even walls

In addition, GEF116HT has a very good adhesion to various types of paint such as matt, gloss and even latex!

GEF116HT - Must-haves beursstand

Discover the sustainable range

We are adding the two films to our existing PVC-free range.
There are sustainable alternatives for all visual applications.

Sign making films

Our PVC-free sign making films are available in glossy or matt versions. They have a 5-year colour guarantee and contain a semi-permanent adhesive for the matt cutting films and permanent adhesive for the glossy cutting films. In addition, they are also shrink-proof.


> Discover the matt GEF series |> Discover the glossy GEF series


Etched glass films

The PVC-free alternatives to etched glass films are EFTR01 and EFTRx01. These films also have a 5-year colour guarantee and contain a permanent adhesive with (EFTRx01) or without (EFTR01) air escape. They are shrink-proof.

> Discover EFTR01 |> Discover EFTRx01

Etched glass

Digital print media films

We have quite a lot of PVC-free films for digital print applications in our range. GEF ES, suitable for eco solvent printing, GEF UV for UV printing and GEF LX, suitable for LATEX printers. The films have a 5-year colour guarantee and contain a permanent adhesive. They are also shrink-proof. They are mainly used for shop fitting, displays and panels.

> Discover GEF ES | > Discover GEF UV | > Discover GEF LX


Printfilms for car wrapping

Also for car wrapping there is a PVC-free alternative in the form of PU50C. The film is suitable for eco-solvent printing and soon also for latex printing. It contains a permanent, grey adhesive. It is shrink-proof and plasticiser-free. The main applications are the wrapping of cars, vans and trains.
PU50C is manufactured with the Air Escape technology. This makes it possible to apply the film safely, efficiently and without bubbles.
Applications: 3D applications, like e.g. a digital full wrap, cars, trains, … For additional protection, you can combine the print film with the corresponding laminate LAMPU38.

> Discover PU50C


Paint protection films

Furthermore we also offer transparent GrafiGuard films for car wrapping in PVC-free material. The GG-series. High-quality polyurethane films (matt or glossy) for the protection of cars or vans.

> GG10 | > GG15 | > GG20 | > GGSHG15 | > GGSHM15 |



As for the laminates, we have several PVC-free variants in our range. Transparent laminate films are meant to protect your print, they are shrink-proof and have a matt, satin or glossy finish. GEF laminates also have a good UV resistance, up to 5 years in outdoor applications.

LAM 121 (UV) Matt, LAM 130 (UV) Satin, LAM 171 (UV) glossy fit perfectly with the GEF ES and GEF LX films. LAMPU38C Glossy, is suitable as a finish on PU50C.

Discover the GEF laminates:

> LAM 121 Matt| > LAM 130 Satin |> LAM 171 Glossy
> LAM 121 UV Matt | >LAM 130 UV Satin | > LAM 171 UV Glossy
> LAMPU38 Glossy


Do you want to learn more about the PVC-free films and Grafityp’s sustainable operation?