27 April 2021

Grafityp and SOTT join forces

27.04.2021 - Grafityp and SOTT Automotive are entering into a long-term partnership.

Samenwerking Grafityp SOTT


Joining forces and bringing out the best of two companies = new possibilities!

That has been the starting point of both Grafityp and SOTT Automotive to enter into a close, long-lasting cooperation.

Grafityp, the well-known belgian manufacturer of high quality cast and calendered self adhesive films, is known for its consistent and solid quality. And SOTT, known for its out-of-the-box thinking, creativity and exclusive products, are going to create something new and quirky on the market together. “This ‘marriage’ will provide many fun and new possibilities. Together we have everything in-house, under one roof: professional knowledge, technical knowledge, creativity, marketing and production capacity. What else do you need? Together, we will make the most beautiful products. And believe us, we are going to provide fireworks”.

Our advice: “keep an eye on social media and the trade magazines”, according to Herman Bosman and Patrick Nijs ( Grafityp) and Marco Boyer (Sott).