13 June 2024

The magic and possibilities of interior decoration films

2024.06.13 - Interior personalisation is currently more than ever a growing trend, both in the B2B and B2C world. Put your own stamp on your interior with interior decoration films. Without major renovations, you can create an original look. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of interior personalisation and how our films can make a difference for different applications such as walls, windows and floors.

Visual van interieurdecoratie op een muur met de folie van Grafityp - blog Interieurdecoratiefolies

Trend alert: interior personalisation

Interior personalisation and decoration is a real trend. Signmaker Signs Up from Veurne is also noticing the trend among self-adhesive film distributors: “Producers are promoting interior films really hard.”

Recently, Signs Up carried out another interior design project for a private individual. “A super cool project in which we wrapped the existing kitchen cabinets in a black wood motif. This gave the kitchen a total metamorphosis, without any major renovation work.”

Wall deco

“Manufacturers of self-adhesive films are betting heavily on interior films. Understandably, as it is the way to give your interior a personal touch.” – Michelle, Manager Signs Up, Veurne

Advantages of interior personalisation with deco films

  1. Unique look
    By personalising your interior, you can create a unique style that reflects your personality and taste. This can range from a subtle textured accent wall to an entire room.
  2. Improved functionality
    Besides aesthetic improvements, interior personalisation can also contribute to the functionality of a space. Think privacy-enhancing glass films or wear-resistant floor films.
  3. Environmental friendliness
    When you choose sustainable materials such as PVC-free GEF films for your interior decoration, you reduce your ecological footprint, contributing to a better environment.
  4. Cost savings
    Interior personalisation with films is often more cost-effective than traditional renovation methods. Films are easy to apply and remove, saving not only money but also time in renovations!

There are different types of interior decoration film, from wall decoration to glass and floor graphics and designs. We give them all a run-down.

Wall Deco: create an impressive wall

With wall deco films, you can transform any wall. Whether it is a flat, lightly textured or brick wall. There is a suitable film for every project.

Want to embellish your wall for a short period of time? Then choose a monomeric wall deco film such as NM116HT and M150R. It is a quick and affordable way to temporarily freshen up your wall. Prefer a more durable alternative? Then opt for the PVC-free GEF116HT to brighten up any room. Want to tackle a wall with a difficult 3D surface? Then opt for a flexible and well-adhesive cast film like the S838HT.

Find out how to apply S838HT flawlessly here.

Wall deco

Wall deco with structure

Would you like to add an extra touch to your wall? Then choose one of our structured wall deco films with lino, wood or smeriglio texture.

Glass decoration film: privacy and style for your windows

Want to tackle your windows and create more privacy? Our etched glass films are the way to go. They offer an elegant way to increase privacy without blocking light. PVC-free options such as GEF EFTR01 and EFTRx01 are more environmentally friendly than PVC variants.

There is also S28P, a print film that you easily apply to glass and mirrors. Ideal for printing and cutting.

Learn more about applying glass decoration films in this how-to video.

S38P at the Summa Experience Centre by Signs Up

Floor stickers: durability prevails

Floor stickers are, in the corporate context, often used to indicate paths and safety instructions. In a private interior, it is a way to make your floor a real eye-catcher. Choose between indoor or outdoor applications.

Indoor floor applications

For indoor flooring, Grafityp offers various films. Floorprint or Floorprint High Tack are the go-to films. The High Tack version is optimal for very high-traffic areas. Want to enjoy your films even longer? Then combine them with a Floor Graphic Laminate (FLOOR or SOL) to protect your floor stickers.

Watch our how-to video for tips on applying floor graphics.


Outdoor floor applications

Do you want to apply floor stickers outdoors? Then weather resistance is the most important factor. Grafityp’s StreetPR combined with StreetFL film are specially designed for outdoor use. They are suitable for concrete and asphalt substrates.

Decorative films and laminates

In addition to the films and laminates mentioned above, Grafityp also offers other decorative films and laminates that contribute to interior personalisation.

Create a luxurious look with our decorative films + leather for your furniture, walls or other interior surfaces. Want something more striking? Choose a glow in the dark laminate (GL) or a glitter effect thanks to the LAMSTD to finish your wall, floor or window film.

Find out how to wrap round edges of tables in this how-to video.

special applications - PRGLC

Ready to dive into interior decoration and tackle your clients’ interiors? Let us know, we’ll refer you to the right distributor.