17 October 2023

Product in the spotlight: Sandblasting stencils

17.10.2023 - We are on the eve of All Saints' Day, the day when Christians commemorate the departed. As we head to cemeteries, we see beautiful tombstones and memorial stones with the names of the deceased sandblasted on them. Did you know that Grafityp has long been a supplier for films with such sandblasting effects?

You also come across glass walls and mirrors with sandblasted texts or logos on them in pubs or restaurants. In many cases, these are sandblast effect films stuck onto the glass or mirror. But in the case of real sandblasted glass, you need a sandblasting stencil.

Discover Grafityp’s sandblast stencils!

Two qualities

Grafityp offers two types of sandblast stencils:

  • Grafitack SBP blue, a sandblasting stencil for heavier work. The film has a thickness of 370µm and is mainly used for sandblasting on stone, think tombstones, memorial stones, etc…
  • Grafitack SBT beige, a sandblasting stencil for slightly lighter work. This film is 230µm thick and is ideal for sandblasting wood or glass.

Top tip: both films come with a removable acrylic adhesive so that the film can be removed again easily and without adhesive residue after sandblasting.

How do you apply sandblast stencils?

Place the sandblasting stencil in a cutting plotter to cut out the desired texts and logos. Then apply the stencil onto the desired surface and sandblast away. Afterwards, remove the stencil and you will immediately see the perfectly contoured result.