25 May 2022

A look behind the scenes of the production department

2022.05.25 - Every film in our range goes through a complete process before ending up in the hands of our customers. After the Sales and Marketing departments have analysed the demands and needs of the market, the R&D department translates these into new product compositions. Then the production department appears on the scene to produce these new (and existing) products. But what exactly happens there? Take a look behind the scenes of the Production Department, where about forty workers give the best of themselves every day.

Productieafdeling in de kijker

The preparations

Based on new product compositions from R&D, the Purchasing Department orders the necessary raw materials to produce the film. As soon as the materials arrive, the Logistics department puts them in the right stock locations. The production manager then draws up the production schedule. He plans which products will be produced at which time and on which machine, as well as which employees will man which production line. The colleagues from the mixing kitchen will then take the necessary raw materials from stock and make the right compounds in terms of pastes and glues, so that they can be processed in the production line. The machines are set up and programmed by our operators. The Production departement starts now.

productieafdeling mengkeuken

An eye for quality

Quality is always at the heart of Grafityp. The employees not only monitor the entire production process visually, there are also dozens of sensors that continuously measure and correct where necessary. For example, various process parameters are continuously monitored, including adhesive thickness and surfaces. Samples for the Quality Assessment must not be missing. Only when the samples pass the strict controls are they released for further processing in the converting department.

Kwaliteitscontrole - Grafityp


In the converting department, we cut the produced log rolls into finished rolls in the standard sizes needed to replenish the stock.

Growing together

What do you like most about working in the Production Department? “That is the mix of theory and practice. Between desk work, working with people and delving into the technology of machines,” says Production Manager Richard Van Ochten.

In recent years, Grafityp has been expanding strongly, also in terms of personnel. They certainly feel that in the production department. According to Richard, it is important to help newcomers get started and to familiarise them with the company. “Many of the veterans on the shop floor know a lot from experience. The nice thing is that they also share that knowledge with their new colleagues.”

production departement

“It is nice to see that the ancients are sharing their knowledge of the production floor with the new guard.” – Production Manager Richard Van Ochten.