19 March 2024

New PVC-free print films in the Grafityp range

2024.03.19 - As a sustainable pioneer, we at Grafityp continue to expand our PVC-free range. We are adding one brand new Grafityp Ecological Film (GEF). In addition, two existing GEF films received enhanced formulations. Omega-Skinz also continues to expand with new exciting innovations. Discover all about it!

Nieuwe pvc-vrije printtfolies Grafityp

Launch of new innovation with Grafityp & Omega-Skinz at FESPA

During the FESPA Global Print Expo in Amsterdam, you can come and discover the new and improved PVC-free print films at our Grafityp stand. The launch is perfect timing as every year we see the demand and interest for PVC-free films increasing again.

There are also four new scoops to spot at the Omega-Skinz stand. They presented no less than two brand new colours and a new carbon forged film in gloss and matt. On top of that, the latest hi-tech colour chart bundling all special wrap films!

Discover Grafityp's new and updated PVC-free print films

NEW: GEF122PE – first PVC-free long-term 2D solution

GEF122PE is the first PVC-free long-term 2D solution with a permanent adhesive. A sustainable alternative for fleet 2D wrap, graphics and decals on trucks, buses, trains and subways. The print film has a permanent adhesive, making it ideal for long-term outdoor applications.



  • Ideal for fleet
  • Good flatness
  • High quality processing
  • Suitable for UV and latex inks


Two existing PVC-free films have been upgraded with an improved formula, including a modified backing paper. Among other things, this ensures good flatness on latex printers and optimal handling, for example when cutting. The PVC-free print films are ideal for temporary, flat applications thanks to the removable acrylic adhesive.

The difference between the two is that GEF112RPE is glossy and GEF113RPE is matte


  • Improved flatness, also on latex printers
  • Optimal handling (cutting & applying)
  • Removable adhesive

Why PVC-free films?

PVC-free (print) films have many benefits:

  • They come with a solvent-free, non-hazardous adhesive;
  • They are free of PVC, phthalates, chlorine and plasticisers;
  • The production process is more sustainable;
  • Production waste is 100% recyclable.

The benefits of Grafityps PVC-free films backed up by figures

The benefits of Grafityps PVC-free films are substantiated by figures from the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA, 2023). This is a systematic analysis of the potential environmental impacts of products or services throughout their life cycle.

The study was conducted by the independent organization Enperas, a spin-off of the Belgian research centers VITO and EnergyVille. Both leading players in environmental technology and research.

The results are encouraging! PVC-free films…

*Ecological Footprint: Measures how fast we consume resources and generate waste compared to how fast nature can absorb our waste and generate resources. | Global Warming Potential: This is the measurement of the amount of energy absorbed by the emission of a ton of gas over a period of time, relative to the emission of a ton of carbon dioxide (CO₂). | *LCA study internally submitted by Grafityp 2022, Cradle-to-Gate according to EN 15804+A2 standard except modules C3, A4, A5, B and D. **LCA study internally submitted by Grafityp 2022, Cradle-to-Gate according to EN 15804+A2 standard only modules A1 and A3. | We are not liable for typographical errors and mistakes.

Four Omega-Skinz scoops

During FESPA, Omega-Skinz will unveil no less than four scoops. Three new films in the range, including 2 green-based colours and 1new carbon in two finishes, and a hi-tech colour card.

1. Forged Carbon

After Elemento-6 carbon and Dionero carbon, OS is now launching a new carbon called Forged. This cast PVC film is available in matt and glossy finishes. The film is easily deformable and has a smooth surface, making it look as if the pieces of carbon are in the resin.

Forged Carbon

2. Grigio Olive

An exclusive colour for exclusive vehicles. The deep grey colour with a green tint adds cachet and class to any vehicle.


3. Racing Raptor

A matt green metallic with small gold particles in the surface. Curves, shapes and kinks in a vehicle stand out as light is refracted in the special topcoat.

4. Hi-tech colour card

Omega-Skinz is known for its extraordinary range of colours. But among all the wonderful colours, the special effect films did not previously stand out so much. Therefore, there is now a hi-tech card with all textured films, smooth carbon films and black metal effect films in.

The Hi Tech Card from Omega-Skinz with special effect films.