30 November 2022

Realisation – Wrapping and lettering of an F16

2022.11.30. That you can wrap more than just cars with Grafityp films is no secret. Trains, buses and even aeroplanes can be covered with our films. We recently did the latter for the F16 of the 349 Belgian Squadron. In this blog you will find out how we went about it.

Wrapping F16

Wrapping & lettering

We tackled the two ventral fins and the tail of the F16. The tail itself was wrapped with S38P, a white print film, combined with the laminate LAMx40, a glossy cast laminate. On the convex piece just below the tail fin and on the smaller ventral fins, SC1001 (cutting film cast white) was applied first. The second coat was the same S38P and LAMx40 combination. Afterwards, the F16 received another coat of varnish.

A2Photography provided the beautiful images in the sky. The photos also show the Spitfire (an original WWII aircraft) flying along. The Spitfire was already rewrapped a few years ago with our white and black wrap films, combined with the S38P film.


Why S38P?

This film has high initial adhesion and is very often used for boats as well as aircraft. The grey adhesive ensures that the original colour of the substrate does not show through. The film lasts for up to 10 years.

About 349 Squadron

349 (Belgian) Squadron was formed in 1942 as a Belgian unit of the British Royal Air Force (RAF). Led by Ivan du Monceau de Bergendal, nicknamed “Duke”, the squadron took part in all major operations during World War II. The very first flights over Normandy on D-Day and the further liberation of Western Europe are on the list.


With its F-16s, 349 Squadron was the first operational F-16 unit within NATO in 1979. In 1996, 349 Squadron moved to Kleine-Brogel air base.

Over the past decades, 349 Squadron participated in all Belgian air operations; for example, it did the very first flights over Libya in 2011 and was the first NATO Squadron to land in Šiauliai, Lithuania, to defend Baltic airspace from there in 2004.

For 80 years, 349 (Belgian) Squadron has been on daily standby to defend Belgium both at home and abroad.c