17 June 2024

Realisation Signs Up: S28P on windows

2024.06.14 - Signmaker Signs Up (BE) recently completed a great project using our Grafityp print film S28P. They covered the glass panes of the Summa Experience Centre to increase privacy. Find out all about Signs Up, the project and Grafityp's window film in this blog.

Signs Up with Grafityps self-adhesive films

Clear division of roles

Signs Up, is a small-scale signmaking company run by partners Michelle and Denis. There are two of them in the company and they have a clear division of roles: Michelle works behind the scenes on the quotes and designs, sets up all files for printing and cutting and manages the planning, purchases and invoicing. Denis visits customers and is active in the workshop, printing the designs on the right films, processing them and applying them on site. Signs Up offers solutions in four product categories: vehicle lettering, outdoor advertising, promotional materials and interior personalisation.

Michelle and Denis from Signs Up, a signmaking company, standing behind the desk.

Film that does what it is supposed to do

For the latter category, they have been working for years with Grafityp’s S28P, a sturdy print film with a sandblast effect that fits perfectly on windows and mirrors.

Although they also work with other brands at Signs Up, they invariably stick with Grafityp when it comes to window deco film. Michelle explains why: “It is a beautiful film that does what it is supposed to do. Not only does it stick well, it is also printable and cuttable. Real quality, in other words!”

“Grafityp’s S28P is a premium film that does what it’s supposed to do. Stick well.” – Michelle, co-founder Signs Up

Why choose Grafityp?

What does Signs Up consider important in a manufacturer? “That you can count on the quality and that the films live up to their product benefits,” Denis says. ” With Grafityp, this is certainly the case with S28P. In addition, the fast delivery time is also an added value, it’s nice that you don’t have to wait weeks when stock runs out.”

A self-adhesive film from Grafityp GrafiPrint for the Experience Lab of the Summa Center.

“The fast delivery time offered by Grafityp and our distributor are a big plus. Nice that we don’t have to wait long for the film when our stock runs out.” – Denis, co-founder Signs Up

Project: Summa Experience Centre

One of the most recent projects using Grafityp’s S28P are the window sections of the Summa Experience Centre. “The project went tremendously smoothly,” says Michelle. “We had worked with Summa in the past. So for the new job, they knocked on our door again. “They are all large offices with glass wall sections. They wanted to use window stickers to create more privacy as well as make sure no one walks into the windows.”

Denis from Signs Up, cutting signmaking films from Grafityp.

Project execution in two phases

The project proceeded in two phases. Phase one was the tender preparation and preparations. The second part involved printing and installation. “Greg already provided us with the first design at the end of last year, but the project itself was only carried out in February, at the client’s request,” he says.

Once the green light was given, things moved quickly. “The final execution of the project went very smoothly,” says Denis. “Printing one day, laminating and cutting the following day and applying on-site a day later. I also always like to visit beforehand to measure the formats so that everything is exactly right.”

Window decoration film with Grafityp self-adhesive films.

“Within a week, everything was printed and applied at the customer’s premises. A smooth collaboration with a great result.” – Denis, co-founder Signs Up

Trend alert: interior decoration and - personalisation

At Signs Up, they see a notable trend emerging, interior decoration and personalisation. “Manufacturers are promoting interior films really strongly. Understandably, because it’s a great way to give your interior a personal touch.” Recently, Signs Up carried out another interior project for a private individual. Michelle: “A super cool project where we wrapped the existing kitchen cabinets in a black wood motif. The cabinet-maker who recommended us provided a new kitchen worktop and splashback. This gave the kitchen a total metamorphosis, without any major remodeling work.”

“Manufacturers are betting heavily on interior decoration films. The possibilities are endless and cost-efficient.” – Michelle, co-founder Signs Up

Grafityp offers various digital print films that respond to this interior trend. The wall decoration films are a good example. Think of P232HT with wood structure or high-tack S838HT  for brick walls. Do you prefer a more sustainable approach? Then there is the PVC-free film GEF116HT for interior wall decoration. For other interior projects (e.g. kitchen cabinets), Grafityp offers special deco films and leather looks.

Grafityp self-adhesive films stocked at signmaker Signs Up.

Want to discover the full project with the Grafityp film? Watch the video below.

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