26 September 2023

Stand out in Omega-Skinz

25.09.2023 - Did you know that Omega-Skinz has much more to offer than just excellent car wrap materials? There are also training courses, car wrapping tools and new product developments! Omega-Skinz stems from the collaboration between Grafityp and SOTT. Together, we joined forces and focused on the toughest, sleekest car wraps of the highest quality in all its facets. Sitting still is not in our dictionary, read the latest developments below.


Discover 3 new colours

Together with Omega-Skinz, we developed three new colours to wrap your car: Demolition Dark, Luxury White and Doctor Thunder.

  • Demolition Dark: this is not your grey-next-door. We put the grey shade in an Omega-Skinz jacket and gave the car wrap a blue undertone. This gives your car a powerful, robust look. You ideally finish it with a matt topcoat.
  • Luxury White: a white colour with warm undertones especially for the high-end. Think of the white hue used on luxury yachts. So the name of this new colour speaks for itself.
  • Doctor Thunder: a unique, robust and chic wrap colour. The dark shade, also with a blue undertone, suits both a stylish Bentley, but will also give an edgy look to your vehicle.
Demolition Dark

Become a car wrapper

Would you like to be able to wrap a car yourself or improve your skills? Discover the three Omega-Skinz training courses for all levels!

  • Rookie: Learn the basic techniques of car wrapping. This one-day course starts with a theoretical workshop. Then you get to work yourself. You will apply films with and without air channels, films with high adhesive strength and on large surfaces. Finally, you will receive a certificate of achievement.
  • Admiral: You are no longer a beginner, but still want to fine-tune your car wrap skills? Then follow the Admiral training course. During this two-day course, you will learn about proper preparation, recognising problems and post-processing. Think about wrapping concave and convex surfaces and hand cutting on car paint.
  • Overlord: Do you really want to become the best of the best? Get the Full Coverage Insurance Licence by taking the Overlord training course. After attending that course, you will show that you know all the tricks of the trade and have mastered car wrapping in detail. This training takes two days and at the end you will take an exam.

Take care of your car with Omega-Skinz tools

At least as important as applying your car wrap film is maintaining it. How to do that? With Omega-Skinz’s own tools. Discover the Omega Surface Cleaner and the Omega X-Treme Degreaser:

  • Omega SurfaceCleaner: this cleaner is specially designed for the wrap and PPF industry. It cleans all surfaces of dirt, grease, glue residue … This way, your car is ready to be wrapped. Moreover, SurfaceCleaner is biodegradable and leaves no streaks.
  • Omega X-Treme Degreaser: This degreaser removes silicones, grease, tar, oil and even degreases through water. The X-Treme Degreaser actually crawls under the grease molecules and lets them float so you can take them off with your cleaning cloth. This way, after rain, you don’t have to dry your car before degreasing it. This degreaser is suitable for car paintwork, blank and varnished metal.

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