9 February 2022

Successful launch event Omega-Skinz foreshadowed successful introduction

2022.02.09 - After a successful launch event, we can say that Omega-Skinz are already being picked up worldwide. Several well-known and professional car wrappers have started using them, and they are all wildly enthusiastic!


In collaboration with SOTT International, Grafityp launched a new range of car wrapping films in 60 unique colors. A groundbreaking product that of course needed a big launch event. On 9 October the time had come: the doors to our premises in Houthalen were opened and the beautiful colors were presented. And it has to be said: with almost 700 visitors, the happening was a great success.

Radiant live performance

Under a radiant sun, nearly 700 visitors were introduced to the new Omega-Skinz range. This took place during a live show in which wrapped cars were sensationally presented to the select audience. More than 60 very exclusive cars drove from the specially designed launch platform in a column outside where they were eagerly photographed. The presenters, Peter (Grafityp) and Marco (SOTT) explained the color and by whom the car was wrapped.

The best known European car wrappers were invited to wrap a car in one of the new colors and to show it at the launch event. They did so with great enthusiasm!

 “I think that everybody is triggered by the whole story around it. Everyone is curious to see a lot more of it”
– Mitch, Logos

International Interest

The event welcomed both local and international visitors. Due to the corona crisis, most visitors came from Benelux and Germany. But also Kuwait, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Poland,… were represented on this day. The necessary general and specialized press was present for photo and video reports.


Relive the Omega-Skinz Event with this aftermovie from Sign.nl/ Sign+.


Wrap Genius Competition

To highlight the ease of applying the new films, the “Wrap Genius Competition” was also organized during this sunny day. During this competition, four teams of professional carwrappers competed against each other to wrap a car with the new Omega-Skinz films. To give the competition an extra qualitative dimension, the participants had to wrap a part of the car blindfolded. Spectacle guaranteed!

Omega-Skinz: the best skin you can drive in

Omega-Skinz is a very soft flexible self-adhesive cast film that is 3D deformable with heat. The film deforms very easily in both concave and over convex surfaces, such as bulges and corners, kinks and gullies of vehicles.

“It was very nice to applicate, the micro channels were super and the color really pops”
– Nick, Frijns Unlimited

Omega-Skinz wrapping film is constructed in a different way than many conventional films. It consists of several layers that absorb the film stresses during stretching and deformation. The top layer is a transparent PVC film, which gives the bottom layer additional color depth. Omega-Skinz wrapping film is cast as a 2-pass or 3-pass system, with the different layers eventually forming one homogeneous layer.

The result is a strong, stable film during application, but which becomes very soft and flexible when heated with a heat gun or infrared lamp. Both properties are ideal for large areas and complex shapes, such as bumpers, spoilers and door handles.

“I was quite surprised about the application, the initial tack was not too heavy. Quite easy to move the replacement of the foil. It works quite fast also, and it stretches very well.”
– Jan, XXL Printshop

Omega-Skinz is a lifestyle

Omega-Skinz is not ‘just’ a roll of wrapping film in a nice color, Omega-Skinz is a concept, a style and an image. Everything is right down to the smallest detail. Quality can be seen from the appearance. Appearance and image are important to us. Therefore we also developed some merchandise, such as caps, t-shirts, mirror hangers, displays and much more.

Where is Omega-Skinz produced?

The films are produced at Grafityp’s plants in Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium). The infamous Omega-Skinz film studio and training center are also located there. During the event both the factory and the film studio could be visited. Guided tours of Grafityp’s plants were available.

“The team was very very satisfied to work with the film. It was also easy to handle for the difficult parts of the car. And it was  fast. I think it’s a very good film.”
– Kurt, OTM Zenith

Omega-Skinz filmset

The Omega-Skinz film set is located in the Grafityp factory. It was built by SOTT Colourbrain, the creative division of SOTT International. This life-size structure defies all the senses when you see it with your own eyes. All new Omega-Skinz products and colors are presented on this futuristic launch pad. All photo and film shoots are also shot here.

Lanceringsplatform Omega-Skinz

Our partner: SOTT International

SOTT International is a developer of tools and fluids for adhesive films in the advertising and automotive industries. The company is known worldwide as a trendsetter in the field of unique car wraps.

Read more about Omega-Skinz on the website.


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