9 February 2022

The Grafityp training centre is open again!

2022.02.08 - Did you know we have our own training center at Grafityp? Our wrapping specialist Rudi Zoons teaches you the do’s & don’ts in four different courses. The training center has been closed for a while because of corona. But now we are allowed to give trainings again (in small groups)! Discover everything about our trainings:

training centre open

Perfect end result

When it comes to wrapping, a perfect end result depends on two factors:

  1. the right high-quality products
  2. a correct application

At Grafityp we support you in both areas. We offer a complete range of high-quality solutions and our training center can provide advice on the application of the products. We do a technical deep dive and show you how you can distinguish yourself from the competition. This way you can work out great projects and customers will stick with you.

Just register for one of our trainings! Our applications specialist Rudi will teach you the tricks of the trade . The training center is his second home.

training centre open

Courses in the training centre:

To learn how to apply the Grafityp self-adhesive films professionally, we offer four different courses:

  1. Basic training (1 day)

In this training you will learn all the basic techniques to properly apply self-adhesive films. From material knowledge to the application on various surfaces, you will learn the tricks of the wrapping trade. All standard applications are covered.

  1. Wall & Interior Decoration (1 day)

Would you like to learn how to apply self-adhesive film to doors, cabinets and other furniture? Then this one-day training is exactly what you are looking for. We teach you everything to give your customer’s interior a major upgrade in no time. You work on the most common applications in wall decoration and interior design.

  1. Paint Protection Training (1 day)

Would you like to learn how to apply Paint Protection films? That is possible in this training. Protective films (PU) require a different technique than PVC films. During the training we will go deeper into both techniques.

  1. Car wrapping (2 days)

During this two-day training, you will learn in our training center how to wrap cars.
Curious about how to tackle problem areas (indents, bumpers, mirrors)? Our specialized instructor will teach you step by step.


After each training you will receive a certificate of participation. Did you impress our instructor with your skills? Then you might even get the “certificate of GrafiWrap specialist”. Do you have any questions afterwards? The entire Grafityp Sales team will be at your disposal!

Safety first

It goes without saying that all training sessions will be geared to the current corona measures.
The training centre will open again with the necessary safety measures:

  • Small groups of up to 6 persons
  • Keeping distance is a must
  • A mouth mask is mandatory

This is how we take care of each other!

Do you want to stick around for one of our trainings?

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