27 August 2020

The ideal sticker for the real estate sector

27.08.2020 - Promotion is extremely important in the real estate sector. Grafityp is launching a number of ultra-removable films that the real estate agents can apply themselves.


Offer a home for sale or for rent. It cannot be done without the much needed promotion. The real estate broker used to call on the sign maker for the placement of stickers. But what if he were able to apply his self adhesive messages himself easily and without air bubbles? With the new Grafiprint ULTRA-REMOVABLE films this is possible. These films are suited for indoor and outdoor use. They can be applied without any problems by anyone, and removed again afterwards without leaving behind any glue residues.

Grafiprint ULTRA-REMOVABLE films come in four different finishes:


  • Transparent glossy (ref. Mx110UR)
  • Transparent matt (ref. Mx111UR)
  • White glossy (ref. Mx112UR)
  • White matt (ref. Mx113UR)


For more information: https://www.grafityp.com/group/print-media/monomeric-print-media/.