25 May 2023

Webinar: Grafityps sustainable initiatives explained

25.05.2023 - Sustainability is an increasing challenge and a growing trend in the self-adhesives sector. As a sustainable pioneer, Grafityp is happy to do its share. We discuss our sustainable initiatives and our own PVC-free films (GEF) in a dedicated webinar.

The goal? To keep our customers informed about trends in sustainability and how we at Grafityp respond to them.

The challenges by 2030

The sustainability challenges are innumerable. Both for consumers and society as a whole. Consumers are increasingly critical and society is evolving from a disposable to a recycling society.

At Grafityp, we are capitalising on this with our own PVC-free products (GEF). We are constantly expanding our range. We focus on the ecological advantages of the products as well as the advantages in production. For example, the PVC-free films are made of 100% recyclable material and no harmful substances are released during combustion during the production process.

Advantages of PVC-free

The webinar will cover all the benefits of PVC-free products in detail. More specifically, the advantages of our PVC-free films compared to PVC vinyls.

Discover all the benefits. View the full info sheet!

LCA study

We back up the benefits of our PVC-free films with figures from the recent LCA study (2023). LCA stands for Life Cycle Assessment. It is a systematic analysis of the potential environmental impacts of products or services throughout their life cycle.

The study was carried out by the independent organisation Enperas. That is a spinoff of the Belgian research centres VITO and EnergyVille. Both leading players in environmental technology and research.

The results are encouraging.

The PVC-free films are…

1 Ecological footprint: the estimated area of earth a company needs to produce what is consumed and absorb what is discarded. Expressed in hectares.

2 LCA study internally submitted by Grafityp 2022, Cradle-to-Gate according EN 15804+A2 norm excluded modules C3, A4, A5, B and D.

3 Global Warming Potential: the measure of the amount of energy absorbed by the emission of a tonne of gas over a given period, relative to the emission of a tonne of carbon dioxide (CO₂).

4 LCA study internally submitted by Grafityp 2022, Cradle-to-Gate according EN 15804+A2 only modules A1 and A3.

The PVC-free range

We like to dive into our extensive range of PVC-free films. From sign making films to etched glass films and printable films, from car wraps to laminates. There is a PVC-free variant for almost every application. In the webinar, Peter Van de Vivere, New Business Developer, goes through each type of GEF and gives examples of applications that our customers have already achieved with them.

Tips & tricks on using PVC-free products

The fourth part of the webinar covers tips and tricks for the best application of our PVC-free products. Printing specialist Walter demonstrates the tips.


  • Use a 360° knife
  • Set your printer’s cutting speed to 300 mm per second.
  • Pay attention to the ideal knife pressure: 90 gr
  • Always respect the manufacturer’s guidelines.


  • Avoid curling on a latex printer
    • Respect the manufacturer’s guidelines on the drying process.
    • After printing, immediately place the film on the roll-up device and do not leave it hanging. Otherwise it will curl.
    • Use the temperature settings described on the colour profiles and be especially careful not to exceed them.
    • Print all at once and always roll the film with the print outwards.
    • Leave the rolled-up prints on the tube for a day.

    Avoid head crashes (problems with the print heads)

    • Print all parts of your project in one go.
    • Do not roll back a cured film.
    • Remove all materials from the printer when not in use.


  • Respect your ink manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Do not put too much tension on the roll.

Sustainable Q&A Session

The webinar ends with an in-depth Q&A session.

Q: What percentage do PVC-free films occupy in the product portfolio?
10% of all Grafityp products have a PVC-free variant. We keep expanding our portfolio.

Q: Do you manufacture the products in-house?
Yes. 18 years ago, Herman Bosman Sr. already had the idea to focus on PVC-free. A company created the PVC-free machine specifically for Grafityp. It first started with the plotter films. Then came the printable films and PVC-free laminates.

Q: What happens to waste in production and after application?

Q: What does the future hold for PVC-free films and Grafityp?