10 December 2021

With CleanSkin, germs no longer have a chance

2021.12.10 - Make every surface bacteria-free thanks to our antibacterial film

The winter months. They are dark, cold and wet times. Times of flu, colds and Covid-19. They spread easily on surfaces such as a door handle, stair rails, tables, etc. Bacteria stick and spread at lightning speed, making them so easily transmitted.

A few weeks ago, they also had to shut down Audi Brussels, after multiple corona infections. (VRT, Nov. 23) We continue to see more and more such instances at hospitals, schools, factories and many other areas.

To prevent this as much as possible, we developed CleanSkin. This is an antimicrobial film. It kills bacteria, so you have less chance of becoming ill. The film improves the hygiene of surfaces.

With our antimicrobial film you can cover different surfaces. This can come in handy in the hospitality sector, retail, healthcare sector, schools, public buildings and anywhere else you need protection. With CleanSkin you make every surface bacteria-free.

CleanSkin gives bacteria no chance

Don’t give bacteria a chance anymore! Our effective transparent PVC antimicrobial film keeps your workplace free of microbes and germs. Via positively charged silver ions, negatively charged microbial particles are disturbed in their development process. They can therefore not grow in the way they are used to. What’s more: they are also less able to adhere to the film. After 24 hours the number of bacteria on CleanSkin is reduced by 99.9%.

Cleanskin Antimocrobial film

CleanSkin maakt uw omgeving veilig!

CleanSkin makes your environment safe!

Suitable for your sector

Keep the production of your company running, protect your customers and make sure your staff are always safe. CleanSkin is so flexible and sticks so well that you can use it in any sector.

Sticks to every possible surface

The transparent CleanSkin PVC film is 99.9% effective and can be used anywhere. No surface or shape is too difficult for applying this innovatively moldable glossy adhesive film easily.

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Cleanskin Antimocrobial film

Where can CleanSkin be used?

CleanSkin can be used on all critical surfaces or surfaces with a lot of human contact. Think of areas such as counters, shelves, doors, door handles, handrails, touch screens and glass surfaces etc.

The film is flexible, so it can also be used on corrugated surfaces.

The areas where the antibacterial film can be used are very wide: hospitals and medical centers, public transport, schools, restaurants, stores, theaters, retail, …

The transparent film can also be used as a laminate for digital prints printed with solvent printers (eco/mild/hard), latex and UV inks. Always check the compatibility of the surface, as removing it may lead to damage.

Cleaning the film

The surface of the film can be washed and cleaned. CleanSkin is easy to clean with standard detergents (soapy water is recommended). The anti-bacterial film is non-toxic and does not cause allergic reactions.

CleanSkin retains its effectiveness even after being washed. Its antibacterial effect will remain active for several years. This depends on the level of cleaning and the environmental conditions.

Source: https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2021/11/23/besmettingen-audi-brussels/